Mar 10
Herrera’s Headspace

Get inside the head of Erik Herrera 🧠⁠ in HUF’s latest Headspace episode, filmed between his home in Los Angeles and a trip to Mexico City

Mar 3
On The Crail Couch with Blake Carpenter

Blake Carpenter stops by the Couch to talk about Florida, sacking in front of Gino, being a lifeguard, what not to do on a skate trip and more.

Feb 28
Niels Bennett – Heroes / Helden

The Professor’s latest work filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern and Torsten Frank, with a hint of Carroll!

Read more about Niels’ video part and peep some photos from his article in Free Skate Mag Issue 46

Yanks on Planks… & McCrank

On this day, 15 years ago, we turned Mike Mo, Alex, & Sean pro on our last day of our 2008 Australian tour. As we celebrate #3DecadesOfGirl we thought we’d revisit the Yanks On Planks tour and the not so secret pro reveal…

Feb 23

Our all new Wallride 2023 print zine is now available at 📚 Analog versions of your favorite web segments, in photo form, featuring Mike Mo, Breana Geering, Jordan Trahan interviews, Rowan Davis Top 5, Erik Herrera & Cory Kennedy Slice of Life’s and much more ☁️

Feb 21
Cory Kennedy’s Northwest Summer

Cory and friends take on the Pacific Northwest for a summer adventure. Filmed over the course of Summer 2022.

Filmed and Edited by: Shane Auckland

Featuring: Cory Kennedy, Elijah Berle, Jake Shumaker, Simon Bannerot, CJ Keossaian, Shane Auckland, Taylor Woods, Sean Kearney, John Erickson, and Simon Jensen

Cory’s new Island Rig one-off is now available at skateshops worldwide and

Feb 14
Skate Shop Day 2023 Craffle!

We want to come skate, check out your scene, take you out to eat, and bring you a box of goodies—so get into your local skate shop this Skate Shop Day, February 18th, 2023!

While supplies last, you will receive a very special Girl & Chocolate tote bag for free, when you make an in-store purchase. Attached to every tote bag is a Crailtap Craffle ticket. With this Craffle Ticket you and your local shop are entered in a drawing to win a visit from the Girl & Chocolate teams. Save your Craffle Ticket and stay tuned for the drawing on February 20th, 2023, to see if you and your local skate shop have won.

Read the full details here, and remember to hit your local shop on Saturday!

Feb 9
The Royal Alvarez Pro Truck

The Royal Alvarez Pro Truck is emblazed with a white Vincent Chunk across the hanger. Custom white bushings, with red anodized nuts and washers. Now available at skateshops and

Jan 21
HUF Forever

Digging through a hard drive recently and found this old Crail Couch from April 2010 that appears to have never been uploaded to our YouTube 🤔 Upon further inspection it was uploaded to our website back in the day but the download link is currently unavailable. Anyways, here it is… happy birthday Keith. We love you. 💚🌹

Jan 17
Weakdays: Manderson’s

The boys head up to Manderson’s compound for another Weakdays session!

Featuring: Vincent Alvarez, Tyler Pacheco, Hart Pullman, James Capps, Stevie Perez, Cody Chapman, Rick McCrank, Griffin Gass, & Mike Anderson

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Saturday stoke with @skiduls ✨ #ChocolateSkateboards 📹 @danny_montoya
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