Feb 27
Mini Top 5 with Greg DeHart

Greg’s no stranger to foreign markets. Here’s his top 5 picks from our day exploring the Chatuchak Market in Thailand.

Feb 23
A Nice Little Wednesday

A nice little Wednesday, 19 years ago…

Video by Aaron Meza

Feb 12
The Skate Shop Day Craffle 2024!

We want to come skate, check out your scene, take you out to eat, and bring you a box of goodies—so get into your local skate shop this #SkateShopDay , February 17th, 2024! While supplies last, you will receive a very special Girl & Chocolate tote bag for free, when you make an in-store purchase. Attached to every tote bag is a Crailtap Craffle ticket. With this Craffle Ticket you and your local shop are entered in a drawing to win a visit from the Girl & Chocolate teams. Save your Craffle Ticket and stay tuned for the drawing on February 20th, 2024, where we will select a Craffle Ticket number at random.

Jan 22
Manchild’s Corner

and we’re back with another Manchild’s Corner!

filmed and edited by Tyler Pacheco

Jan 4
Greg DeHart for Royal Trucks

Introducing Greg DeHart to Royal Trucks!

Dec 31
The Three Decades of Girl Mixtapes

During our Three Decades of Girl show in LA, we had three mixtapes playing for each decade of Girl. We decided to upload them now as we close out our 30th year. Onto the next one, happy new years everyone!

Dec 15
Sanrio’s Outing
Enjoy an outing with Hello Kitty and Friends. New series available now at skateshops worldwide and Crailstore.com
Nov 24
Weakdays: 1st Street Bridge

A good chunk of the crew were in town for Girl’s 30th anniversary celebration, so we decided to all link up for a classic Weakdays session at Vincent’s new spot he’s been workin’ on.

Holiday Apparel!

Girl & Chocolate’s holiday apparel has arrived. Featuring some cooler-weather bangers. Trip on the details and shop at Crailstore.com

Nov 20
No Secret

Joey Walder puts our Pop Secret technology to the test. 💪

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