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  • Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Daniel Castillo

    Daniel Castillo’s Top 5 things he loved about Phife Dawg
    1. We’re both 5-foot
    2. I also like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian
    3. I love Dr Pepper
    4. He inspired me to throw on a jersey
    5. “I grew up as a Christian so to Jah I give thanks/Collect my banks, listen to Shabba Ranks/I sing, and chat, I do all of that/It’s 1991 and I refuse to come wack” was one of the first verses I ever memorized…RIP Phife

  • Mini Top 5 with Jonah Hill

    A Santa Monica Courthouse local and a staple of the mid 90s Hot Rod scene, Jonah Hill knows his shit! Hear his Top5 (nae, Top 7) video parts of all time. Big ups to The Cheeks!

  • Top 5 with Jerry Hsu


    Top 5 things about riding for Maple
    1. MJ surprised me with my first package at my house after school
    2. The Donger reading his poetry to kids at demos
    3. TM Ed Dominick, convinced my parents to let me go on a cross country US tour at fifteen and assured them I would be protected. Strippers and beer in the room on day one
    4. They asked me to call Mark Appleyard to try and get him on one time. I did, it was really really awkward
    5. Turned me pro Read More