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  • In Residence Profile—Art Dump

    For the first exhibition at the ‘In Residence’ space, Oakley has teamed up with the Girl Skateboards’ Art Dump to show a collection of flags, limited skate decks and an oversized poster zine inspired by Los Angeles’ vibrant skate scene.

  • Oakley Studio on Melrose

    Malto, Koston and the Art Dump feature heavily in this short vid about Oakley’s In Residence space on Melrose.

  • This Weekend…


    Please join us this weekend…
    Friday, 24th
    7pm-11pm: Art Dump Exhibition, opening reception
    Saturday, 25th
    1pm-4pm: Art Dump Workshop
    7pm-9pm: Girl Films Video Panel
    Sunday, 26th
    2pm-6pm: Classic Girl Films Screening
    8pm: Wet Dreams Screening
    Visit for more details