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  • Quote

    “I was right by Little Weezy!”—Rudy about if he ever made it into the contest at the Skatepark of Tampa or if he just partied in the parking lot all weekend

  • Mini Top 5 with Rudy Johnson

    Mini Top 5 (trad.) Rudy Johnson’s Top 5 things to trip on in 2013

    1. I’m tripping on people who tripped out on the Mayan Calendar
    2. I just tripped on all the Virgo skaters in the 2013 Thrasher calendar
    3. I’ll trip out hard, by the end of the year, if I get 10k followers on Insta. @rudyjohnson
    4. I’m setting up a skate date with Hosoi this year. Trip on that
    5. I will always trip on gravity. The ultimate power and silent killer A session at Trunk Boyz Manor