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    From: Howard Broom,

    Q: At the beginning of Raven’spart in Pretty Sweet he does an ollie from a curb cut to 50 another curb on an old Ron Whaley, board that looks even more haggard than Vincent’s setups. Was Raven using his first setup to break in his part, sort of like a good luck charm?

    A: No it wasn’t my first board. My friend and I were ’90s skaters for Halloween one year and Ron Whaley hooked us up with old boards. We got the whole set up, huge Ben Davis pants cut into shants, duct tap half cabs, XXXL polo tees, and tiny wheels. It was so fun skating like we were in the ’90s we just ran it for a couple weeks. I still have the board and skate it all the time.Raven

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