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  • Release the Product

    Active Burbank will be hosting a Guy Mariano Product Release party this Friday night. Guy and plenty of Girl & Chocolate riders will be in attendance. So come down, be greeted and have your hand shook.


  • A Canary Islands Revisit

    Guy was fresh of the heels of Fully Flared, Kenny’s flowing locks were shorn to a respectable bob cut, Jesus was ready to get up dem ledges and Roger was perfecting sipping champagne thru a straw. All for the gaze of Jonathan’s loving lens. It’s Mehring’s Bearings time.


  • Guy’s Our Guy!

    Watch Guy Mariano’s new video part and vote for him for XGames Real Street.


  • Please Join Us…

    This Saturday at Active, El Segundo to kickoff this year’s (RED) Rush. There will be Girl & Chocolate Special Edition (RED) product, food and drinks, and an appearance from Kenny Anderson, Mike Carroll and Guy Mariano.


  • House Meeting!
    • 1_cory_filming

      A couple of weeks ago we had a meeting at Cory and Elijah’s house to talk about a top secret video project. When we got there Cory was already filming. That has to be a good sign.

    • 2_waiting_phones

      Aside from the Trunks we had a heavy managerial presence on hand. (Making high powered phone deals no doubt.)

    • 3_vince_and_snake

      Vinnie is off the wheeling machine and walking around! He’s gonna be killing it in no time. Snake was there for creative input too.

    • 4_stevie

      Stevie always finds the most comfortable seat in the house.

    • 5_stevie_vince_eli_bear

      Eli thinking deep thoughts while Vinnie, Stevie and a Bear take in the footy.

    • 6_comedy_section

      These guys had some pretty funny shit on tape.

    • 7_mike_insta_portrait

      Before we adjourned Carroll had to handle the social media duties. You’ve probably already seen this on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.

    • 8_eli_jumpramp1

      You can’t have a skate video meeting without some skating. We broke out the ramps and Elijah and Guy went to work.

    • 9_guy_jumpramp1

      The guys started out mellow.

    • 10_eli_judo

      Then Elijah started pulling out the big guns. Serious Judo.

    • 11_eli_rocket

      This is a make.

    • 12_guy_360_saran

      Guy took it personal and decided to show the kids how they used to do it. 360 Saran Wrap! (that’s probably not even labeled right.)

    • 13_eli_over_rick

      Rick even got involved in the action. Elijah went Evel Kinevil over him.

    • 14_guy_Method

      Then Guy shut it down. If this was a jump ramp video we’d be done already.

  • Lakai ‘Bout That Spot Life

    Stevie, Sebo, Miles and Guy hit up Florida and lose about 10 pounds of water weight in this weeks Spot Life.

  • Clip of the Day

    The boys pass the time by passing the cam. Featuring Cory KennedyEric KostonStevie PerezKenny AndersonElijah BerleLogan LaraDaniel CastilloGuy MarianoMikemo Capaldi and Evan Berle.

  • Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed Clip of the Day

    Pretty Sweet Lost & Filmed Clip of the Day with Guy Mariano. Just as in the real deal, Guy gets the last part.