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Nov 15, 2017 4:11pm
Shop Survey – FTC Skateshop

FTC has been supporting SF skateboarding for years. With deep roots and a dope squad to back em up it’s a no brainer they’ve been around 30 years. Next time you’re in the city swing by and say what’s up to Ando and the crew.

Visit FTC:

1632 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Everyday: 11am – 7pm

(415) 626-0663

FTC Skateshop - Crailtap Shop Survey

Jan 16, 2015 9:15am
Chao Down

FTC’s young bucks are coming of age and putting out their own shit. Check out our heavy flow dudes Tafari, Nico, Joel, Jon and Lil Dre. The video will be available on the 17th at FTC.

Aug 11, 2014 11:26am
Jesus Fernandez for the FTC & Lakai

Jesus picks up a pair of  the FTC x Lakai Camby on his way to MACBA.

Jul 7, 2014 2:13pm

World traveler and Lakai and Royal flow rider, James Capps, put together this cool teaser for esteemed shops FTC and 85ive2. Full Capps part tomorrow at Thrasher.

Jan 6, 2014 10:27am
The Stick

To commemorate the release of Lakai’s collaboration with FTC honoring Candlestick Park, we took a trip to The City and hit Ft. Miley with Mike, Rick, Vincent, Nakel, Jon and Ronnie to put the shoes to the test.

Dec 4, 2013 2:56pm
The Catch

This Saturday, the Flare will be there!


May 1, 2013 10am
Creepy Cheeks

The Cheeks teams up with Creepy and FTC for some T-Shirt biz.


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