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  • Ishod Edit Contest Entry: Rob Stromme

    It’s silly and it’s dumb, but that’s why it makes you laugh. Good shit, Rob! (Read below for contest rules.)

    Download Ishod’s leftover footage from the Crocodile Done Deal Tour here and re-edit the footage. Add and subtract as much as you like. No need to use everything. Edits should be under 3 minutes. Send us your entries in the form of a YouTube or Vimeo link at by Sept. 13th. Winner gets the clothing pack from Fourstar.

  • New Fourstar Site & Cory Kennedy’s VX1000 Edit

    Fourstar’s new site has been updated with a 2014 Fall Colllection.


    Also up is Cory’s VX1000 edit of the Crocodile Done Deal Tour.


  • Fourstar Anthology

    In 2004, as an alternative to doing a standard clothing catalog shoot, Fourstar decided to have a fun skate session around Los Angeles instead and photograph that and just make that the catalog. Spurred on by this simple idea, the Fourstar team has since traveled to Miami, San Francisco, Hawaii, New Orleans, New York, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Australia just to turn a mundane task into epic memories. Here’s a quick anthology of some of the finer moments of Fourstar on the road.  Crocodile Done Deal, our most recent trip to Australia, will be online shortly.