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    From: Tim,

    Q: I don’t care what anyone says, Chomp On This is the single greatest skate video ever made. No other video makes me smile, laugh, and generally happier than any random 10-minute segment from Chomp. That being said, where is the love for it? The Chomp On Disc never materialized (rumors of Pac-Man lawsuits have been floating around for years), no anniversary celebrations when it turned ten, no outtakes ever popped up online, nothing. What gives?

    A: Thank you Tom for the love. Chomp on Disc got postponed due to Blu-Ray rights. We are totally bro’s with Pac-Man. Got him some Jager shot’s and he was cool with everything. We want to save the party for our 20th like a fine wine we get better with age. Carroll can we get some shirts please?Atiba

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