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  • What Logo?

    On This Day in Crailtap History (Sept. 26, 2004), along for the ride of Girl Skateboards‘ “What Tour” of Australia were Art Dump members Andy Jenkins, Andy Mueller, Tony Larson, & Jeremy Carnahan. The boys had a demo of their own known as “What Logo”, showcasing hand-printed wooden dolls they had designed as well as dolls by Evan Hecox, Lori Damiano, Eric Anthony, and Rob Abeyta Jr.


  • Crail Camera Crew

    Some of the bozos around here are having a photo show this Friday night. Come on out, get your hands on a Jerry, grab Smyth’s  Malto photo or nab one of Ben’s spooky scenics. And just so you know I’ll be undercutting the rest of the guys by half if you’re looking to fill some wall space at a discount. At the Paper Agency Gallery, 1050 S. Olive, LA, 90015 8pm to midnight.