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Oct 30, 2023 8:51am
The Art Dump Reunion

A couple weekends ago we held an Art Dump reunion to close out our #3DecadesOfGirl exhibit. We had Bob Kronbauer (Art Dump alumni and former editor for run around and interview some members of The Art Dump past and present to talk about graphics, Rick Howard stories, and lessons learned at The Dump ❤️

Oct 30, 2023 7:01am
Andy Jenkins on The Nine Club

Andy Jenkins sits down with The Nine Club to discuss wanting to leave Wyoming at the age of 13, meeting a young Spike Jonze, working for Rocco at World doing graphics including Jason Lee’s first graphic “The Cat In The Hat”, how much graphic artists gets paid now vs then, his comic Wrench Pilot, working as the art director for the newly formed Girl Skateboards, finding Evan Hecox, leaving Girl Skateboards then returning after 7 years, #3DecadesOfGirl and much more!

Oct 19, 2023 9:57am
It’s Not That Serious

The Three Decades of Girl exhibit is now open to the public ⚽️

2130 Violet Street
Los Angeles

Open until October 21st. Free admission

Oct 19, 2023 9:56am
3 Decades of Girl Sneaker Box

Presenting the Three Decades of Girl Sneaker Box. Featuring shoes by Vans, Adidas, and Lakai. The three pairs of limited edition shoes come in a custom handmade silkscreened box. Available now at the Three Decades of Girl eBay auction benefiting Deckaid. Only 30 sets made. Auction ends October 24th at 7:29am PST.

Head to to bid now.

Video by John Marello

Oct 17, 2023 9:10am
Cleaning Out The Closet

In celebration of Three Decades, Mike Carroll, Sean Malto, and Tyler Pacheco dig through Rick & Mike’s old Girl shirts to give up for the Three Decades of Girl eBay auction benefiting Deckaid. The auction will consist of 30 hand selected original boards, 30 vintage tees, well as 30 Three Decades of Girl Sneaker Boxes.

Head to to bid now. Auction ends October 24th at 7:29am PST.

Video by: John Marello

Oct 13, 2023 10:19am
Diggin Thru The Archives…

In celebration of Three Decades, Rick Howard and Tim Anderson of Bobshirt dug through the Girl Skateboards archive to specially curate an eBay auction to benefit our friends at Deckaid.

The auction will consist of 30 hand selected original boards, 30 vintage tees, as well as 30 Three Decades of Girl Sneaker Boxes.

Three Decades of Girl auction begins October 14th at 6am PST and ends October 24th at 6am PST. Head to to get more info on the auction.

Filmed and Edited by: John Marello

Oct 13, 2023 10:08am
30 Years of this Shit!

The Three Decades of Girl exhibition opens to the public October 15th in Los Angeles. ⚽️

Curated by Deckaid, the show runs daily 12-6 pm and closes October 21st. More info at

Oct 10, 2023 9:39am
Andy Jenkins x Bobshirt x Chromeball

Bobshirt teams up with Eric Swisher from Chromeball for this special interview with Andy Jenkins. Andy talks about being the art director at Girl Skateboards, creating the first Girl series in 1993, getting his first job from a drawing contest, doing early skateboard graphics for bLind, World and 101, drawing crackpipes, Chocolate graphics, 3 decades of Girl skateboards and much more.

Sep 28, 2023 8:41am
Rickk n Mike Bobshirt Interview

Tim got the duo in the hot seat…

Sep 7, 2023 11:08pm
Rudy Johnson Bobshirt Interview

Bobshirt catches up with Rudy to talk about getting on Blind, filming for Video Days, skateboard graphics, sw 360flips, 3 Decades of Girl Skateboards, Mustangs and more!

Stay tuned! The 3 Decades of Girl show is coming to LA, October 2023

Aug 30, 2023 11:26pm
30 Years Of This Shit!

“Three decades of this shit. I am grateful and I am tired. I’ve learned the wild duality of anything worth creating. I’ve never been more frustrated with three people and I’ve never loved any three people more. I’ve learned the trials of fate at their most challenging and painful are all still gifts. Learning most everything as you go is so fulfilling and so dangerous. It’s a wonderful thing that you can do that in skateboarding.

Suffice to say as I learned and created alongside these guys, I have felt very fortunate. Thank you to the rad people that worked with us then and now. All the skaters that poured heart and soul into Girl from then and now. And thank you to my family for being the most supportive and loving pack of wolves.” – Megan Baltimore


Jul 27, 2023 8:33pm
Tony Ferguson’s Bobshirt Interview

“We are excited and honored to announce that the next Deckaid show will be a special event with Girl Skateboards in celebration of #3DecadesofGirl . In this spirit, the new Bobshirt interview with Tony Ferguson is now live” – Deckaid

Jul 4, 2023 2:50pm

Three Decades of Girl is now upon us. Our story can’t be told without the skate shops. It is our honor to present our WE OG celebration collection.

Hit the Girl site to see the WE OG decks from around the world.

Jun 6, 2023 9:06am
20 Years Later…

20 Years Later… Yeah Right! Find the full collection at 

Feb 28, 2023 4:16am
Yanks on Planks… & McCrank

On this day, 15 years ago, we turned Mike Mo, Alex, & Sean pro on our last day of our 2008 Australian tour. As we celebrate #3DecadesOfGirl we thought we’d revisit the Yanks On Planks tour and the not so secret pro reveal…

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