Biebs, what up?
What up? Ask me some shit.
Where were you born?
Chi-town. Chicago. Then I moved to Sacramento.
How old are you?
22, as of four days ago.
When did you start skating?
When I was about 12. Yeah 12.
When you started out, was there a team or certain pro you admired?
Plan B team. Plan B team and Carroll.
How does it feel, looking up to those guys back then and ending up on the same team now?
It's tight. Real tight, for sure.
How does a normal day in Sac go for you?
Lately I've been waking up around 9:30 and kickin' it around the house a little bit. I'll skate first, then come home and shoot some hoops, then go skate again. After that I might shoot some pool, watch a little TV and fall asleep.
How much sleep do you get?
Six to eight hours.
Really? That's a lot more than you used to run.
Yeah. I've been getting more sleep lately.
You're still loaded with energy though?
Yeah, I got a lot of energy. I always have to be doing something. I can't just chill in one spot, unless I'm playing video games, or something real interesting is on TV. I've been swimming a lot lately. The homies will come over and we'll BBQ, play volleyball, have a pool party and shit.
What do you look for in a good skate spot?
I like smooth ground, and if they got ledges they better grind. It can't be hot or hella windy. I like skating in the evening a lot. As long as I'm with fun people it's good.
You travel a lot. What's your take on other countries?
I love it. Any time I get the chance go somewhere, I'm always going to go. It's new shit, and that's always going to be crackin'. But I love Sac, being at home is always nice.
When you leave, you get home sick?
That's a given. I'm used to my lifestyle. When I go somewhere for awhile I start missing my friends and family. You know what? I was at the Pier the other day I met these Japanese cats, and they were like "Biebel, you know you're very popular in Japan". I was like wow. They was hella cool.
Were you happy with the outcome of you part in "Yeah Right"?
I was happy with it, for sure. But I'm sure everyone is there own worst critic, so I feel I could have done better. So that's just my motivation to step it up for the next one. I'm filming a Transworld part right now, so that one should beat my last one.
You have any pet peeves?
People wearing their shoes in my house. I know I have a list, but I can't think of any more right now.
Who have you been skating with?
Stefan Janoski. I've been going up to SF quite a bit, skating with Brian Anderson and Rob Welsh.
How will your Transworld part differ from your Girl part?
Well, I'ma keep it real. I didn't fuck with any rails in my Girl part, and I wont be in this one either. I'll have some manuals, some ledges, some lines, some steps. I'm still going to try to be creative, and hopefully do something no ones seen before.
By the way, did you see that movie "Old School"?
Who's your favorite character?
Will Farrell. Yeah, he's tight.
Is he better than Stiffler ("American Pie")?
Naw, Stiffler's tight. But it's a funny ass movie.
How does it feel to be turning pro and have you board coming out?
It's tight. I just got some sent to me. The graphics are tight. I just want to ride 'em, see 'em in the skate shop, and see kids ridin' 'em. You feel me?
Have been staying out of trouble or wildin' out?
Well, I've been staying out of trouble, but some dude park in my spot the other night, so I threw a bottle at his car. It's long story, but nothing bad happened.
Awhile back you punched a window and cut you hand pretty bad. Do you see yourself doing something like that again?
I can't say for sure that I wont. But I've been growing up and maturing a lot.
What does the future hold for Brandon Biebel?
Well, I'm trying to get married right now. My girl and I are working on having a kid. Naw, I'm just playin'. I'm up to some crazy shit, but not that. I'm trying to stay healthy. I'm in the process of quitting smoking. I'ma keep it real with the lady, and do whatever I do as good as I can.
Any last words?
If you got my back, I've got yours.