(Includes clips from New GIRL Video, LAKAI and CHOMP Video)

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LARSON: Tell everybody what " Chomp on This " is really all about.

TY EVANS: Chomp on this is a video by 4 friends (Ty Evans, Atiba Jefferson, Ako Jefferson, and Lee Dupont.)...... We started this thing about 6 months ago....It's going to be the craziest video ever made!!!!! It's going to have every angle covered.....We got all sorts of footage (behind the scenes, slams, ruckus, night cam, goofs, homies, legit skating, everything!!!!!! We're trying to break shit off the best we can....But it's hard trying to hang with the
big guns....As far as the big guns go...Koston, Jamie Thomas, Henry Sanchez, Dill, Brian Anderson, Staba, McCrank, and all the others are down for the cause!!!!!!!! This video is what skating is all about..fun!!!!! Nothing too serious except for some skate footage...Everyone thats down is in this ..So chill out!!! Also a couple surprises that I can't leak...So chomp on that!!!!!!

LARSON: Where did it find it's beginnings? Who were the initial players?

TY EVANS: It goes a little something like this.......Atiba and Ako always wanted to make a video of themselves just for the fun of it...I remember them talking about it in like 96 or so......Jump ahead to 2001....I finally set up a real board instead of a filming board, Lee started killing it, and
Atiba and Ako started putting the hammer down...and boom!!!!! Chomp was born!!! We were sitting in this bar one night trying to figure out a name for the video....I was telling Atiba and Ako how Bird would always call me up and play whatever new song he had just downloaded from Napster... the phone would ring and all I'd hear was "chew on this!" ...and then some new Dieselboy blasting into my ear from the phone..no "hello" or anything..we were all laughing and then it dawned on me...and I said "what about "chew on
this" for the name of the video?" Atiba and Ako looked at each other, and then they were like "What about "Chomp on This?"....Booooooooom!!!!!!!!!!! Done deal.

LARSON: Of all the featured stars of "Chomp on This", who has the best chance of becoming really huge, worldwide?

TY EVANS: Ryan Gee for sure.....No one even knows how good he is...He could give up photography at any moment to be pro....Many companies have already offered him...but he's keeping it real....his part is off the charts.

LARSON: Closing comments?

TY EVANS: The video will be in stores just in time for Christmas....So kiddie's, tell
your parents the best stocking stuffers are "Chomp on this Videos"!!!!! Also Chomp boards and t -shirts available through Girl!!!!! Chomp it up!!!!!