>> We actually celebrated Shaq's 30th birthday here yesterday. We were going to invite Shaq to our party but for some reason nobody could find his number. Go figure. Mike Carroll and some weird looking guy that kinda resembled Rick Howard showed up to the party and they both ate a muffin for Shaq.

>> If that last sentence sounded perverted to you, you need to get your mind out of the gutter, dude.

>> Rick McCrank, Eric Koston, Jereme Rogers and Megan Baltimore all now have something in common with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson, Tim Gavin, Liam Bishop, Emmet Jenkins, Ultimate Gary and Aaron Meza. What? We'll tell you soon. We promise.

>> Chip Johnson called this afternoon to let us know that apparently let Larry Flynt take over as their editor for a day. Taken directly from their site is this piece of filth:
"...Dan Pensyl... formerly known as Pen-Gina for his steady amount of diameter re-adjusting on tour has an additional aka: Pensyl-Tration. tell the bitches to keep their mouths shut or else."

Yikes! And we thought the mention of eating muffins on Shaq's birthday was bad.



>> You can stop talking shit now because the rumors are true:


>> Win a signed Mike Carroll board and take notes on how to make a really cool homepage.

>> "According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 90% of all children and adolescents treated for skateboard-related injuries in 1999 were boys with injuries to the ankle, wrist, and face being the most common. Although severe injuries or deaths associated with the sport are rare, 1,500 children required hospitalization for a skateboarding-related injury in 1997, and most of those injuries were to the head."



>> We just hired a new Crail employee by the name of Arvedis Tock! Arvedis is going to be doing the Web and Zine reviews, so if any of you out there have links to interesting sites, please e-mail them to Arvedis who will then write reviews on them. Also, if you have real zines or anything else you'd like to send Mr Tock, please send it to:
22500 S Vermont
Torrance, CA

>> Diamond Supply Co items now in the Crailshop as well as Crailtap approved trippy space-age Zombeats CD available now.

>> Welcome to the Girl construction site.



>> This extension was called the "Tombstone" at the Big O Skatepark = Happy #19.

>> Thanks for all of the concern, uh, concerning the Gary "Spinster" Spindler two hundred thousand dollar web scam fiasco, but we were only kidding. The new Fourstar site may have a couple pieces missing, but that's just because Fourstar only owns one computer and Koston's always in their office playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on the thing.

>> Congratulations to Jeremy L of New Jersey (who has no relation to the phony afformentioned Gary Spindler from New Hampshire) who won our monthly giveaway for February. Expect your videos soon, Jeremy, and to the rest of you: the new prizes should be up in a couple days. Enter while you're young and you might win by the time you get old. Then you could say to your grandkids "You little whippersnappers! Who stole my dentures? Get back here before I whoop both of your asses! Didn't I tell you about the time I won the Crailtap monthly contest? You kids have no respect these days. No respect."

>> "This Is Your Life, Crailtap" #1: Remember that EUROBLITZ article from Issue 2? ZOWEE!



>> Why don't you get your butt into the new Crailtap sto'!?



>> Good news: somebody went ahead and designed a brand new Fourstar web site. Actually, we hired a freelancer who only charged us a couple hundred thousand dollars for what he promised to be the "Extra deluxe, super supreme kickass techno-whip site with a cherry on top, for sure". We're still waiting on the rest of the site to be done, because ever since we gave him the money we haven't really heard from him. His name is Gary "Spinster" Spindler, he's from New Hampshire and if you know where he is right now, please please please let us know because we need to get in touch with him.

>> Somebody found this link to a skate movie from Rome, proving once again that there's more to life than switch hardflips to switch front crooks to fakie varial heel out, dudes.

>> What do Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson, Tim Gavin, Liam Bishop, Emmet Jenkins, Ultimate Gary and Aaron Meza all have in common? You will soon know.



>> Okay, today's topic is skateboarding in the media. First, check this skateshop owner who saved the vice president, then take a look at this month's cover of Hustler magazine (don't ask how we got it). Oh, and if you decide to pick up a copy, be sure to keep an eye out for Big Brother's very own Dave Carnie who makes a guest appearance with a blowup doll. Serious. Lastly, check out the Christian Dior skateboard that was "possibly inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's protegee". Don't they know? Skateboards are SO last season, darling.

>> "Do you think the Craillers know who Karl Lagerfeld is?"
"I don't know, dude. Just put it up."

>> "Do you think the Hustler cover's too racy for the Crail?"
"No way, dude. Put it up."

>> That new RDS video is pretty damn good, but where's Tony Ferguson? We're still looking for his trick.

>> Congrats to americanpsycho, who guessed that this thing is part of the Girl Gold bearings packaging.



>> What the heck is this thing? First correct answer posted on the message board wins a t-shirt.

>> In case you don't know, Canada won the gold medal in Olympic hockey this past weekend. Here's some images of Girl's upcoming Canada series that are coming out soon and will possibly only available north of the border.

>> The SF trip netted some photos, some being a gnarly polaroid sequence of Carroll that'll be up on the Crail before you can say 30 foot gap ollie to 50-50.



>> The quote of the day comes from Diamond's very own Nick Tershay:

"Everything's big in America, dude. Big wine, big women, big dicks."

Rumors are afloat of a big new Diamond web site coming soon.

>> Yet another deck graphic to add to the "didn't quite make it" pile. This one was sent in via e-mail by somebody as an idea for Koston's next board.



>> Digging through the vaults we found some board graphic ideas for two pairs of brothers that used to ride for us. Jimmy One Eye Stapleton and his twin brother Tony Two Eyes were both going to have their own models and the brothers Finley were supposed to share a model called Ultimate Patriots. We had to let the Stapletons and the Finleys go [for reasons we'd rather not mention] just days before their boards were scheduled to be released. The three sample boards that we made with their graphics on them recently sold on ebay to for $3129. That's like more than a thousand bucks each, dude.

>> The new Fourstar vintage jeans just came in and everybody's stoked. There's lots of reasons to love them but the best reason is that, just like Goldilocks and the baby bear's chair, the fit is just right. Really, you can't wait to see them.

What we meant to say was "This is the internet and you don't HAVE to wait to see them": Clive Noctchaw gives the vintage jeans the thumbs up, bro.

>> Also on the Fourstar tip: the new site is on the way.

>> Harsh SF trip going down this weekend. Stay tuned for polaroids? Yeah, right.



>> Tim Gavin is making waves on the Crail message board. Just to clear up any rumors: yes, Tim's retired from professional skateboarding (like, years ago) and TCOB's (takes care of business) over at Podium. And, no, Tim's not fat. Lastly, (keep this one under your hat) we tried to get him to make a comeback a few months ago by buying him a PT Cruiser, but he didn't bite.

>> Big, bald Salman Agah is now riding for Diamond Supply Co.

>> "Skateboarding, like climbing trees, is dangerous."



>> Harsh DVS Tour updates or Sherm with a studded collar. Enter the site and click on TOURS.

>> "Today is Scottie the Hottie J's b-day. Post it on Crail..." - Chuck.

>> Half of the Gang of Many Styles t-shirt has been revealed! Be cool, join the gang.



>> Guess what, mate! McCrank won the World Cup contest in Melbourne* this weekend! Royal's Kerry Getz gotz 2nd, Koston got 9th, Brian Anderson 10th, Paul Rodriguez 11th and Scott Johnston came in at 13th! And we can't think of a smartass comment to say about it!

* - That's pronounced (MEL-bun) over there. Just so you know.

>> Aaron Meza just walked in the door. He's trying to pretend like he doesn't do us favors because Koston's his roommate.

>> The new Crailshop is almost almost almost done and will be a temporary home to a few limited run items and some other stuff that's not up in the current (old) Crailshop.

>> The renovations to the Girl park are done! The skilled builders managed to take out the old ________ and put in a ________ instead. And they put up a _______ in the space between the _______ and also added the ______ for dudes who still can't ______ the ______. Also added was an amazing _______ that will please the most _____ of _______ and _______ alike, and the one ______ now has ________ ____ _____ ______ with the one side of it getting ______ a little bit. That one ________ near the back wall was _______ so now it ______ ____ ___ ___ and behind it was constructed a new _____ that somebody already tried to _____ into. That deathtrap known as the ______ _______ finally got some ______, as well. Thank god, that thing almost took a few heads out without it. They raised the ______ by the ______ too, so you don't just fly off the end of it to flat. Oh, and they threw in a couple random _______ to top it all off. It's not bad.

>> We're still looking for Reese Simpson. E-mail us if you know how to get ahold of him. DON'T e-mail us saying "I think he's working at Orange Juilius in Fresno" or something that isn't true, because you can't broggle the brogglers.



>> Chip Morton, legendary skate photographer, expert purveyor of motorcycles, creator of Limpies clothing, Del Mar (snake) Skate Ranch local and all around creative genius has had a shoe named after him in the new Hawk Shoes line, along with other favorite skate photographers (Dave Swift, Steve Sherman among them) of Mr. Tony 900's choosing. Crailtap thinks this rules hard.

>> "Happy birthday Chico Brenes, happy birthday Chico Brenes, happy birth-day Chico Bren-es, happy birthday to you."
"Thanks, but where's my pinata?".

>> Bob K walked away $250 less broke after being the only employee to enter Girl's Odes To Love Valentine's Day contest. Watch the award winning "My Malt Liquor Valentine" on Bob's crownfarmer site.



>> Neil Blender. Enough said = Happy #18. Right in this exact spot where he's floating out of the Keyhole at the Del Mar Skateranch (R.I.P.), today you can do nothing because it's filled with dirt, sitting next to a miniature golf crap.

>> World renowned artist Simon La Bomb has been helping us out with concepts for new board graphics lately. Here's The Chrysalid Attraction and Tolkein's World of Dance. What do you think? Let us know on this thread in the message boards.

>> More rumors are coming in about Reese Simpson living in Oceanside and working as a lab tech for an x-ray company. Nothing confirmed yet, though. If we ever get to the bottom of this, we'd like to do an interview with him.



>> Yeah, we've been talking about him for awhile, and he went on the Harsh Barge tour and everything, so it's not really a huge secret that Jereme Rogers rides for Girl, is it? Welcome to the team, Sherm!

>> The Girl skatepark is undergoing it's first day of renovations. So far it looks as though they've removed the _________ to make way for the new ________ and there's going to be a _________ where the old ________ was, with a ________ for people who can't _______ the _______. The _________ is going to stay where it is, along with the _________ that's on the _________.

Check this screen grab of the construction courtesy of the parking block cam.



>> Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Scott Johnston, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson and McRicky McCrank are all flying out to Australia today for some extreme World Cup extravaganza.

>> A Fourstar tour of Japan is most likely going down in April. Dates are unconfirmed, but we'll let you know when we know.

>> Marc Johnson wasn't in here today.

>> What? Three pieces of news about the team and stuff? Dude, we're slippin'! Apologies to everyone who would rather read about the Art Dump and other dumb stuff - we promise that the rest of this update will have as little to do with skateboarding and the teams as possible. We'll start by mentioning the most popular candybar in the vending machine here right now: the Wunderbar. Art Director Andy Jenkins has been eating them like they're going out of style. And we might as well throw in mention of Fourstar Mike Leon because we know how much he hates having his name mentioned here. Lastly, sales dude Eric Anthony has been mumbling some about the end of the world all day.

>> Girl Art Dumper Rob Abeyta's got an art art show going on right now at 340 S La Brea in Los Angeles. If you're in the neighborhood you might want to pop yer head in and take a look around. Rob's responsible for a lot of this Crailtap thingie and does tons of other graphics n' stuff for the Girl family of companies. He does awesome crap.

>> Liam Bishop was scheduled to record some songs for his next release on Ruby Republic Records yesterday evening, but his limo took a wrong turn in Malibu and he somehow ended up in Salinas, hours away from the recording studio.

>> FREE Ouija Board!



>> Longtime Girl employee Carlos Bravo bid us farewell today to take up a career in law enforcement in an undisclosed "cowboy state". It was great having you, Carlos, and from everybody here: thanks for all you've done for us over the years. You will be missed. Remember that time when you dropped in on the Girl vert ramp for the first time? Man, that was awesome.

>> "Hey, Marc Johnson's downstairs making coffee."
"Really? I'm gonna get me some Marc Johnson coffee."

>> Uh oh, somebody went and sent us one of these to test out. Really. We're working on a review of this amazing new technology which incorporates the use of "Dual Neodymium Iron Boron rare earth magnets placed in engineered steel housing units".



>> We told you about the mini bats and the Rat Killer ASR giveaways, but we forgot to mention the limited edition Fourstar bandanas / instant gang member kits. They were dope, yo. If you missed out on the chance to become a gangbanger at the show, here's an opportunity for you to rule the streets for a mere 25 bucks.

>> Go visit, please. Thank you.

>> "What's the status on the new Crailstore?"
"It's gettin' there. Should be done in a week, maybe two."

>> We're still trying our best to sucker you into joining our mailing list by offering a slim chance at maybe winning a couple of free videos. The good thing is that once you join you'll be entered in our contests FOREVER, and we're going to have some good ones coming up. Autographed boards and crap like that. Maybe some limited run goodies.



>> Send your girlfriend to the new Ruby site, and be sure to tell her to join Club Ruby while she's there. Wait, girls probably read these Randoms too, don't they? Hmm... to all the Craillers who are of the feamle persuasion: send your friends who are also girls to the new Ruby site. And you should go there, too. And join Club Ruby.

>> Ted Terrebonne photo of Thrasher publisher Kevin Thatcher, layin' back. 1979, Yuvis Dam = Happy #17.

>> The Keenan 4ever shoe from DVS should be shipping soon.

>> Exciting new changes going on in the Girl skatepark today. There's talk of a bowled corner where that one steep quarter/wall is... it's kinda hard to describe, so just click here for the photos.

>> As expected, Mike V kicked Lanny Mcdonald's ass at that celebrity challenge hockey thing. Lanny called him a "f***in' skater f**" to provoke him, and Mike picked up a three game suspension for punching out his remaining tooth.



>> Jeron Wilson celebrated his 25th birthday this weekend and tons of heads showed up to his surprise birthday party in LA. One of the most surprising things might have been that Jovantae Turner made an appearance! Awesome.

>> Your favorite dirtbike dirt, Ricky Carmichael, won the supercross in Anaheim this Saturday. His pink and fluorescent green Fourstar signature model spandex riding shirt is coming soon. You totally want one.
[Note: This is a lame attempt at a joke and, unlike everything else we post here, is not intended to be taken seriously. We don't sponsor any motocross dudes, dudes... except Evel Knievel, who has been seen ripping around the Girl park on a 250 late at night]

>> We're happy to report that nobody got severely beat down with the Diamond mini bats given away at the tradeshow this weekend. However one youngster mistakenly ate a handful of the Girl Rat Killer giveaway thinking that it was candy. It smells like strawberries and it comes in little rodent-shaped pellets, so we could see how it might be easy to make the mistake. She's at Kennedy Memorial in Long Beach and is expected to pull through with only minor brain damage. We're all rooting for you, Kimmy! Hang in there!

>> Dude, the innovations that man comes up with never cease to amaze us. Dammit, why didn't we think of this first? We could've all been rich.



>> "What's wrong with you people? I'm only 15 years old and even I knew that Happy #16 was Jay Smith. Psh."
Once again the Crailtap fact-checking department flubs up. No need for alarm, though; we've fired the person responsible for the mistake as well as his immediate supervisor. We hope that this type of error does not occur again in the future and on behalf of everyone here at world HQ, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies to everyone who was directly affected by this careless error on our part.



>> We were going to bring you Happy #17, but decided to instead bring you bad tradeshow giveaway ideas #1, #2 and #3.

>> Stay tuned to the cutting edge leader in action sports,, every day this weekend for



>> More top 5's, this time with Royal team rider, Anthony Van Engelen.

>> A Glen E. Friedman photo. Not sure who it is, however... style drips = Happy #16.

>> We're gonna keep reminding you to sign up for a chance to win free crap until you sign up for a chance to win free crap. Okay?



>> "Dear Crailtap,
When i played the Stevie Williams footage that you put up on crailtap on Jan 28, 2002 it wont show the tricks, it cuts them out."

Yep, we're dicks. But we hope you'll accept this new Pappalardo Lakai commercial as an apology. What's the score, are we cool now?

>> Mike Carroll, 1990 miniramp fandanglydoo = Happy #15.

>> Do you like this old Alva John Thomas graphic as much as we do?




Subscribe to our mailing list NOW and have a chance to win free crap every single month. We're giving away Mouse and Goldfish to kick off the monthly giveaways.

>> Jason Lee, crail slizzity, 1988. Happy #14.

>> Woah, Mike Vallely got drafted to play in the NHL All Star Celebrity Challenge. Lanny Mcdonald from the opposing team was quoted as saying "I could squash that punk with one hand tied behind my back!". Stay tuned to find out if they drop the gloves during tomorrow night's game at Staples Center.

>> Some people are telling us that Reese Simpson lives in Oceanside and is working as a techincian and others are claiming he inherited a farm in Minnesota. We also heard that Allen Losi might know the real story... so how about we pose this question now instead: what are Allen Losi AND Reese Simpson up to?



>> Crailstaff got some footage of Stevie this weekend so we tried our hand at editing all fancy to the music like MTV with all the fast breaks and stuff that you see in so many of the cool new skate videos out there. What do you think, should we should leave the video stuff to Ty or what?

>>These entries to our FAKE "FREE WINONA" CONTEST are getting downright scary, people.

>> Somebody thought they spotted Mike York on the side of a bus in downtown LA, but we're pretty sure he hasn't starred in any Disney movies lately.



>> Jeron Wilson (AKA J-Dubbs, AKA Jehri Jerry) has some top fives for y'all.

>> Are you gettin' in on the harsh skate trivia that's goin' down in the new Crail message boards? Buck up skatenerds and old men, your day in the sun is finally here.

>> So far we've received no solid answers to the question "Where's Reese Simpson?" but we just got a tip that he might be living in Encinitas, California. Anybody?

>> The love for Winona Rider continues to flood into the Crailtap Global Headquarters. As one employee (Chet "Sweetpea" Hansen who works in our international PR department's mail room) recently put it, "I have a feeling there's probably a lot of Winona stalkers out there."

If anybody's going to send more shirts as entries to our fake contest, please make sure they're mediums; Clive Noctchaw wants one, and you know how he's kinda short and all.



>>Yo, peep this shit! Diamond Supply Co just added a couple heads to the team: Karl Watson and Anthony Mosely. Oh, and Diamond Rings Bearings (shown below) are totally way super duper hella fast and the dudes on the team are Eric Koston, Rodrigo TX, Bastien Salabanzi and Henry Sanchez. Ya heard?


>> Line waiting to carve the Grand Canyon at Aloha Skatetown... 70's... happy #13.

>> "First they posted some crap with Matthew McConaughey getting a manicure and now they're showing us some Entertainment Weekly cover? I don't care what you say, dude, Crailtap is totally going Hollywood and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet."



>> Welcome back, Stevie.

>> Did you ever find that song from Jason Lee 's part in Video Days? Neither did we... but Stacks (in conjunction with Ruby Republic Records) is releasing a Milk CD one of these days. Watch site for news on the release, and watch the Crailshop to get yer hands on a copy when it comes out. When? "It's like a couple months away or something..."

>> 7 links in one paragraph. Woah, slow down dude.

>> Aloha Skatetown. Unknown stuntrider with a frontside edger, looking from the deep end of the Grand Canyon....70's. Yep, it's happy #12.

>> Does anybody remember Reese Simpson who used to skate for Life's A Beach? We liked his style and attitude and we're wondering what he's up to lately. E-mail us if you know.

>> File this under WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR SENDING "VW TRENDS" THIS BOARD?: "For the hardcore VW collector who must own anything and everything related to his/her beloved Bugs, this cool Gino Iannucci skateboard is a must!"



>> When he's not filming for the new video, Rick Howard's been riding dirtbike a bit lately and has been talking about possibly entering the upcoming Motocross Challenge in Anaheim on the 2nd of February. It all depends on whether or not this custom bike that he ordered gets delivered on time.

>> Things that make us happy #11 (Neil Blender, '86, Sacramento... style above).

>> We saw Chris Roberts rockin' some of those 4CE shoes that York's always talkin' about. Seen em yet?

>> Man, are people actually taking us seriously? We got a "FREE WINONA" t-shirt in the mail today, so it looks like Ryan Tungseth is the winner of the USED TO BE A FAKE SEND US A "FREE WINONA" T-SHIRT CONTEST BUT NOW IT'S REAL CAUSE SOMEBODY ACTUALLY ENTERED contest. Expect your Crailtap shirts soon, Ryan.

>> You know the live parking block cam we've got set up here in the Girl park? We don't know if you guys have noticed it being a bit flaky lately, but that thing's running on an old Atari 7800 server that's about to give way. It says that it's running at 375 MGB (megabeams) but our in-house webcam checker guy (Clive Noctchaw) tested it and it's actually only clocking in at about 21 MGB, which means that it's pretty much on it's last leg. Kinda like your old uncle who you found at the bottom of the stairs not long after he said "Listen, I'm fine. I can walk up these stairs by my damned self! Leave me alone, you pesky little bastard!".

To make a long story short, we're looking to upgrade the parking block cam to keep up with all the fancy new 2002 technology, plus we want to add a couple more camera angles on the different obstacles. We're going to be doing bottle drives, car washes and bake sales for the next few weekends to fund the project, but we were hoping all of you craillers could help speed up the process by sending in as many checks for one thousand dollars as you can to:
c/o the Megabeams Fund
22500 S Vermont
Torrance CA



>> "Dude, I didn't take a single photo... there was nothing worth taking photos of." - Gangster Smyth on why he didn't bring back "hella photos" from Tampa.

>> You know Mark Whiteley, the editor guy at Slap? Check this hella cool interview with him.

>> The Jackass triumvirat (Tremaine, Jonze and Knoxville) are rumored to be working on a feature-length Jackass movie. Did we already tell you this? It seems like hella old news or something. Whatever.

>> The new Wallride (also known as Wallride Issue Three) will be available by early February. We'll definitely have it for sale in the Crailshop which will hopefully by then be also known as the HELLA NEW AND IMPROVED Crailshop. You'll see.

>> We're beginning to question the integrity of our friend Mark Regimbal's character. We quoted him last week as saying that he "[didn't] have time to go on this trip..." (the name these people contest winner trip). But apparently Mark has hella time to burn, as just this morning he sent us an e-mail saying that he was going to make us and Mike Carroll a nice breakfast in Toronto that would include " juice, tea / coffee, fruit loops, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast with jam and a long talk about space and socks.". Perhaps he actually does have the time to go on the trip but he's just lying because he's an anxious dude who would be too afraid to drive in a car with a bunch of other people for two weeks. Haha! Imagine that! Man, sometimes we come up with the most far-fetched crap, don't we?

Part of Mark's tempting breakfast invitation... almost worth driving in a car with a group of people over.



>> We only got a couple of entries to the name these people contest, and surprisingly neither of them even came close to getting the right answers. How easy do we have to make it for you people? Geez. Despite having no winners, we did get an entry from Mark Regimbal who sent us this photo and a note saying " I don't actually have time to go on this trip, but thanks for the invite". Maybe next time, Mark.


"Dude, why do you have a copy of Us Weekly?"
"Uh, it was on my desk when I got in today."
"Sure it was."

In related news... "Matthew McConaughey skateboarded back to the Chateau Marmont after a manicure at a salon on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles on January 5..."

In more related news... Crailtap believes that Winona Rider is innocent of the charge of shoplifting and possessing pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription. Anybody who can send us a "FREE WINONA" t-shirt will win the Send Crailtap a "FREE WINONA" T-shirt Contest and we'll probably trade you our greatest appreciation and some Crailtap t-shirts for it or something. [WE HAVE A WINNER. SEE ABOVE]



>> It's contest time again! The first person who can correctly name all of the people in this photo, guess their combined weights (rounded off to the nearest 1/16th of an ounce), provide a family tree (dated back to the fourth century A.D.) for each of them and send in a sample of each one of their DNA will be sent on an all expenses paid trip across the United States on the next Girl/Choc tour! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. CONTEST ENDS JANUARY 18/2001! Enter today!

>> There's been some really insightful and thought-provoking posts on the new Crailtap message board over the past few days. Here's one of our favorites:

"crail tap is gay im only on here to fuck around stirr shit up"

>> Jereme's last name is still Rogers.



>> OOPS... Jereme's last name is ROGERS, not Roberts "in case you were wondering". Coming next week is a full report on Rick McKinley, Robbie McCrank, Tony Koston and Jeron York.



>> Biebel, Daniel Castillo, Robbie McKinley, Chris Roberts and Jereme Roberts (who aren't related, in case you were wondering) are all heading out to Florida tomorrow to compete in the Tampa AM contest this weekend. Gangster Smyth has promised to bring back "hella photos" for the Crail.

>> Geez, somebody give Ty a new filming board already... he's had that same one for over a year now. We're guessing it has some sort of sentimental value.



>> Rick McCrank has a few TOP 5 LISTS to share with ya.

>> You still haven't checked out the new message board? That thing's like totally smokin', dude. Sign up now for a chance to win ten free... oh, nevermind.



>> Uh, nevermind.



>> You're not the only one who got a hardcore porno for christmas. Uh... what we mean to say is that the e's Menikmati DVD that just came out had a mixup almost as good as the Big Brother/Taboo fiasco of last year. Apparently the place where they have them duplicated also does Jenna Jameson flicks and somehow a bunch of copies got accidentally switched and made it into shops. No official word from e's, but insiders say "they're having their inventory searched for the culprit porno DVDs as we speak".

>> We heard from our pal Kirk Dianda at ON Video Magazine that ISSUE 5 is done and will be premiering at a socal theatre soon. Keep an eye out for Kirk who will be arriving at the party in the Limited Edition ON Video PT Cruiser.



>> Did you ever draw Scoots and send us that drawing? You might be a runner up in the contest.

>> Some honest cab driver returned Mikey's wallet a couple days ago.

>> While on the topic of credit cards... the Girl Skateboard Company is going to be featured in an upcoming American Express TV commercial. Some campaign to do with small businesses that use their services. They were in here yesterday filming some crap and we tried to convince them to do a commercial on Mike Carroll and how he always loses his wallet and how the AMEX cards get replaced in record time. They wouldn't bite, so we interviewed Mike ourselves. Here's what he said:
"I was really impressed that they were open on New Year's day. Most of the other card companies weren't open til the second so I was a bit worried about those cards."

>> You'd be amazed by the amount of people it takes to film a TV commercial. A lot of bodies walking around with walkie talkies and fanny packs and toolbelts with stuff hanging off of them, all seeming to be super busy but at the same time looking like they might not be accomplishing anything at all. Clive Noctchaw went out and got some quick interviews with a few people hanging around the set: Chuck the driver, Schultz the stagehand and Sergeant McCallahan the security guard...

CLIVE NOCTCHAW: So, what do you do?
CHUCK THE DRIVER: Oh, not much. Hehe. I just drive these guys around mostly and stand around the rest of the time.
CN: What do you drive?
CTD: Oh, that little bus right there.
CN: That's a nice whip. You ever take dates out in that thing?
CTD: Hehe, no... the wife'd kill me! Somebody over there wants me, I gotta go.

CLIVE NOCTCHAW: So what do you do?
SCHULTZ THE STAGEHAND: What? I'm fuckin busy man... let me put down this cooler. Okay, now who are you?
CN: Nobody, really. I work here.
STS: Oh, sorry bro. We get a lot of hangarounds on these sets. People wantin' autographs and stuff. I always get mistaken for Val Kilmer.
CN: No shit? He's doing commercials now?
STS: Well no, but people always think I'm him.
CN: Oh. People always think I'm Kurt Cobain. I'm like 'Hello people... he's dead'. Anyway, could you get up into this trailer and pretend like you're driving it for a photo?
STS: Sure!

CLIVE NOCTCHAW: Hey, what's up?
SERGEANT MCCALLAHAN: Not much, just trying to keep the peace.
CN: I was just admiring that. It looks mean. Would you mind taking it out of the holster for a photo?
SM: No, we're not really supposed to...
CN: C'mon, please? Just one shot with you holding the gun up. We'll make it look like you're chasing bad guys out of the warehouse or something. It'll be funny.
SM: It wouldn't be funny.
CN: Hm, maybe not to you. So are you a real cop or what?
SM: Used to be, I'm retired now [points to the writing on the top of his badge that reads RETIRED]
CN: If you're retired, then what the hell are you doing working?
SM: Son, I ask myself the same damn thing every single day.



>> Milk is scheduled to release their long-awaited album through Stacks in the next month or so. Rumor has it that the album has Jason Lee's blessing (no, it has nothing to do with Scientology) and that on the CD will be some bonus video clips that you can play on your 'puter.

>> Do people talk like this in real life?:
"That shit is so beat... so beat! F***ing played yourself hard! Holla-Holla!"

>> Speaking of talkin' shit, go check out the new and improved Crailcrap Message Board!



>> Santa came late this year. Check out the holiday photos link from the main page.

>> Biebel's "fans" are all over the message board again.

>> Once again we'd like to remind you that the Draw Scott Johnston Contest is over (read: stop sending in entries).



>> Congratulations to Julian Gilbert-Davis, the Draw Scott Johnston Contest

We've also chosen a bunch of runner-ups that we'll be announcing next week. Oh, and if your name is Julian Gilbert-Davis and you live in Chicago we need you to e-mail us ASAP.

>> Mike Leon's Ideas Float Away art show opened in Philly today.

>> Lakai will be coming out with kids sizes soon, so if you're one of the little ones, you're stoked. Girls who have small feet have been getting excited by this news, too...

"The only skate shoes I can find that fit me are _______'s and I don't even really like them." says Laura Piasta (a girl)

"Am I stoked? I've been skating in Keds for like four years. You tell me if I'm stoked." says Pippy Flenkman (another girl)

"My skate shoes? I'll give you a hint; they're made by a publicly traded corporation... I don't like them, but I have no choice." - Lisa Cho (yet another girl)





>> GOOD NEWS: Rick McCrank and his girl Michele Pezel are opening a skateshop in Vancouver called antisocial. It's gonna be in east van on the corner of Main and Broadway, and from what we've heard it'll be "super fantastic, affordable class" that'll focus on skate culture with skate related art shows and stuff. A shop for the people, by the people. Add one to the very short list of real skateshops in Vancouver. Stay tuned for more details.

>> MOSTLY BAD, KINDA GOOD NEWS: Remember when we told you Rick had to take down his backyard ramp? It's gone now but the good news is that it found a safe, dry home at "The Project" in Burnaby, BC. Read about the life and times of Sargeant McKrinkle's Backyard Fun Facility (RIP) in the upcoming Wallride 3 due out in February.

>> BAD NEWS: We, um, didn't pick a winner for the Draw Scott Johnston contest today. Somebody broke into our office late last night and stole all of the entries, so we're going to need everybody who sent one in to re-do their artwork and send it to us again. Just kidding. We're just lazy... we'll pick a winner tomorrow.



>> Okay, we're back. Refreshed and renewed after plenty of rum and eggnog (hold the eggnog) and holiday cheer. Our Christmas party was a smash success, New Year's was a bang and we should have multiple Girl family holiday photo galleries for you soon.

>>Hey, guess what? Mike Carroll lost his wallet. Again. If you happen to come across Mikey's wallet between the cushions of your couch or in the back of a cab somewhere in Hollywood, please return it to him c/o Crailtap: Absent Minded Mikey Contest. The winner receives... wait, there's like fifteen lost Mike Carroll wallets floating around out there by now... uh, forget we even mentioned a contest.

>> "Oh shit, I guess I'm a shoe designer now." - Andy Jenkins.

>> We're going to be judging the Draw Scott Johnston contest tomorrow. There were roughly 50 entries, so if you entered you have at least a two percent chance of winnning! Holy crap! Are those great odds or what?

>> Harsh poached Silver Bullet shot from the Barge's stop in Kansas City. Photo: Lil' Jared Sore-Soares. Got photos of the team on the tour? Send em to and we'll put em up.