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Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Yesterday’s winner, Russ, a.k.a Russ Dog, was the same guy came up with the Froston Flakes graphic. I just found that out. It’s good but I don’t think we’ll be making a board graphic out your entry this time. Today’s winner is Zabo Karpick with this Prince side panel. We’re getting close to the end here.

For some reason the last two days we haven’t changed the date on the post so it looks like we haven’t been posting. So today we thought if we just changed the date on yesterday’s post to today’s date it would look like we did a new post today. We didn’t want to cheat the fans.

Clip of the Day. Staba on the DC mini. I bet less than 10% of all pro skaters can do this trick.

Next Saturday is Active’s annual Blingfest at their store in Rancho Cucamonga. You know, Buckwild’s hood.



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Jagshemash. Tony Ramirez: Cultural Learnings of Lakai for Make Benefit Glorious City of Sun Valley, California. Chenquieh.

If there was ever a link for Jaime Owens it’s this one concerning the new thriller Office Space.

As we mentioned before Alex Klein is staying at Smyth’s. So to earn his keep he sent us this
Mini Top 5

Top 5 shocking items on the DVD shelf of Sam Smyth:
1. "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
2. “American Beauty,” nestled in between "World's Wildest Thug Fights" and a compilation entitled "No Limit Records Greatest Music Videos"
3. “The Break Up”
4. “Dancer in the Dark,” starring Bjork
5. “Girl, Interrupted,” which begs the question: is Smyth Thuggin’ or Huggin’?

If you’re sick of getting tickets at skateparks sign this please. Josh Swindell and Lenny Rivas did.



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Russ from Culver City, CA makes Manchester suitable for Fly Guy.

We sent Ben Colen a going away card the other day. The Ringer actually bought it for his birthday but that’s in May and we couldn’t wait that long to send it. It’s got an illustration of a momma dragon serenely surveying a moat with a castle on the other side. She seems totally unconcerned with her baby dragon that has just hatched. Not to worry though, it’s being coddled by young girl elf. So now you know why we just couldn’t way until mid May to send it. It was also round and said “You’re Magical” on the inside.

Breaking News! Welsh and Britney filed for divorce. Sorry Rob at least you’ll get half.

Cameron from Hotrod sent us a longwinded email about these boards they make. There’s only a hundred of each. They’re really everslicks and excellent for noseslide nosegrinds.

Chris Hall has a new trailer for Get Fam.

Peace out, Donald.

“I used to love her but she turned ugly really fast.”—Brian Mettee on the recently divorced Britney Spears



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Well it took him 15 entries to finally get on that sticks, but Till Paukstat of Germany has finally pulled it off as today’s winner. His other shoes included Spinal Tap, the obligatory Big Lebowski, Cool As Ice, The Godfather and others. So no more emails Mr. Paukstat.

Staba came down from The Bay for a visit and he brought his own grapple beverage with him.

Fourstar’s Europe representative, who’s actually from Australia, came by Girl today with the recently relocated Alex Klein. It’s also Klein’s fault that the column today is on the short side as he refused to do a Mini Top 5 about staying in Smyth’s spare bedroom.

“Everytime I get around Rickk my pits start sweating.”—Staba

“I broke my ankle and my pecker stopped growing.”—EA



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is Strong Island’s own John Buscemi, the only man to have a Top 5 in a yellow suit.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. One Shoe Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. If you buy from DLX then you may know today’s winner Andrew Mecum. He’s their International Sales Rep. And Mr. Thiebaud, here’s a message from Andrew, “Oh yeah Jim, just so you know I did not do this on company time. I swear.”

He won’t tell us much about it other than sending us a text reading, “Who told you that?” but word on the street is Alex Olson won best all around at this year’s Make-A-Wish. We gotta wish Alex, how about you pick up your phone once in a while.

This weekend Ty revealed that he finally figured out why in the H-Street video, the one after Ternaksy and the boys split, I think it’s called “Next Generation,” they used the A-Team theme song in the intro. It only took him 15 years to realize that they were taking a stab at Plan B. A Team? Plan B? Get it? We all knew that, right?

The temperature is in the Mid 90s here today in Torrance. Is that normal for the first week of November?

“How about twenty?”—Atiba to security guard who offered to let us skate for ten bucks



Clip of the Day. Malto attacks the hubba with the same fervor that Smyth might attack a sandwich.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. I’ve never seen the movie Saw, but one time Koston and his lady friend gave me all the major plot points over dinner. Luckily for Matt Schreiber of Fort Collins, I’ve kind of had an affinity for it ever since.

Next weekend DVS will be hosting “Masonite Burns and Frontside Turns” both of which The Gav hasn’t done in quite sometime. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in celebrating the release of Jereme Rogers' first pro model shoe we suggest you be there. Yeah Sherm!

“I don’t have one today.”—Larson when asked for a quote

“I love the Hubba ads.”—Rudy


Clip of the Day. Young Malto’s in town and blessed us with a couple of hammies. Switch backside heel.

On a much more somber note, Matlo’s teal green ’96 Ford Escort took a shit before he got a chance to lace it with some spinners.

As promised, Smyth’s Halloween at da club wrap up. Captions by Smyth.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. We’re up to winner number 18 of 30. Before there was a Fab 5 there was a Fab 4. Josh Courlas of Columbus, OH pays tribute to the OGs. Check the post from 10/9/06 for complete details.

Gabe came by today with his first.

Chris Hall’s video will be premiering later this month. If you’re in the area.



With major cash on the line and a call for costumes mandatory by the higher ups still only half the staff got in the mood this year. Notably absent was a jet-lagged Rickk. If Flav was only half as lucky in love as Smyth is at winning Halloween contests maybe he wouldn’t have to enter multiple seasons of reality TV to find a lady. Here’s an overview.

Smyth’s Halloween at the club wrap up tomorrow.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Ferg and Rickk will be stoked on Bryce Harvey’s Manchester. It’s in 3-B. Three beers and it looks good.

Biebel’s back from Spain.



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Leo Santos of Toronto ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Last night was the premier of 411’s latest issue, The Chico Issue. It was really good with a full part from the Cheeks and filled out with buddies. Good job Rolando.

Not to be out done by the Lakai Pumpkin Brad Martin carved this up.

And yet another link from Animal Chan. The Carroll Interview.



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is the marvelous John Rattray. If there were any concerns if he’s Scottish or not that mystery will be unraveled by weeks end, if not today.

We’re about halfway through the Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. As hot as Jennifer Beals is as forty-something lesbian, she was even hotter as welder/exotic dancer trying to break her way into the uppity world of ballet. Just ask Leonard Vernhet of Paris. Friendly reminder, all prize shoes, these ones, are in a size 9.

Mo, Smyth, and Carroll make to the bright lights of the jumbo in Times Square.

Animal Chan with some of that old shit.

Haslam, get this dude. I think you could do some of those tricks on a real board.

The Gav was at Hubba Hideout this weekend and went to Fort Miley for the first time.

“It’s not the Scorps.”—Phelps about Bad Shit


Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. I went into the mind of Rudy and decided that he would have picked Bayside, New York’s Brian DiNonno’s application of The Wall on a Manchester.

Rudy saw Roger Waters at the Hollywood Bowl recently. Said it was a great show until he face planted into some bushes before the encore.

On Scott’s first day back in LA he saw Dyrdek in a Bentley. Must be getting close to show time.

Guess Whose Tat

Animal Chan has dubbed him as the best 44 year-old Korean on a skateboard, he started at age 32, and apparently he knows Carroll. His name’s John.

The Gav’s in SF this weekend. He used to hate SF, now he likes it. I think he had a change of heart right around the time he got into Phish.

“For the old timers, before ‘Baller Blocking,’ ‘8 Mile,’ and ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ took over that genre.”—Bird about Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”



A New Top 5 has arrived.

And so has a Mini Top 5
Top 5 things The Ringer learned from watching last night’s episode of BET's "Beef," featuring a segment on beef among skaters and rappers:
1. You can't fake falling down 14 stairs but you can fake being a gangsta.
2. Don't come to the BBQ without any meat
3. Don't put a bounty on another man's chain
4. Careful of strippers that know there's been a bounty out on your chain
5. Careful who's plate you eat off of, they might be a Celebrity Designer

DipSkate. Wow!

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. I once heard that you could tell how good a U.S. President is by how much the French hate him. Well, French citizen Romain Bourven seems to like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas enough to put it on a Manchester. So, does that mean we should hate that movie? I don’t know. I’m confused. Here’s the shoe:

See the Mini Mega in all its glory on The Vans Downtown Showdown airing this Friday. Oh, and not to give it away the ending or anything, but Girl wins.

“I’m Vince Vaughn all the way.”—Rudy after watching “The Break Up”

“When I come to the BBQ I usually bring some meat.”—Felix



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. If Spencerport’s Efrain Ramos only knew how inspirational Children of the Corn was to the brand.

Mini Top
Top 5 things Ben Colen misses about Mike Carroll:
1. Getting phone calls from Skateboarder and having to tell them I’m at Girl again
2. I’m starting to forget how many objects a woman can fit in or pop out of her ass
3. Hearing the word “interesting” used as a description for everything
4. Watching whatever crazy videos Mike found on the Internet while he spends an hour stretching
5. Listening to Mike and Meza bitching at each other like an old married couple

Explaining the ways of the world only as Rip can. (click image below)

As stated yesterday Alex had a wonderful time in London.

“Lets do a salad.”—The Gav

“Is my week dry? Am I throwing a dry week?”—The Gav on not getting much of a response as the Guest Front Page Poster


Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Scottsdale’s Andrew McCarthy takes the subtle approach gives an update on the Team Zissou footwear. I think this shoe would actually sell, but only after going bankrupt in legal fees.

Cole Haman, you just made Bird’s Halloween a happy one.

We had a pump-carving contest here once. A guy who carved a troll smoking a bong won.

Alex just got back from London and surprisingly he didn’t hate everything. He actually had a good time. He’s going to Quiksilver with his mom tomorrow, too. A new leaf may have been turned.

More Jamal. Burnett, may I suggest a KOTR stop in Ithaca next year.

Schnurr, if you’re looking for some new friends Zack Grove came by today and said he might be moving to Phoenix. He used to be a sponsored skater in the early ’90s too so you guys will have that going for you. I don’t think he’s into gambling though.

Can a Top 5 actually break spell check? Mike Mo’s Top 5 coming soon.

“Every time I see Rickk he thinks I’m on drugs.”—Zack


You’ve seen what he’s had for lunch now see what he sees behind the camera. (In all honesty we didn’t even know he owned a camera). The Gav is this week’s Guest Frontpage Poster.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. We’re not even halfway through the contest so we still got plenty of shoes to giveaway. Brett Newman of Berrien Springs, MI knows that any movie on The Tap is elevated to instant classic status, even if it’s only been screened on You Tube.

Jereme won another contest. This time for the right foot forward dudes.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things that happened to Staba this weekend to lead him to the assumption that LA "rips":
1. After hour party with Nick Diamond that I would never go to again in my life
2. Taking a stretched Hummer to the after hours party
3. Driving to GVR but only making it to the Jamba Juice three blocks away from Sam’s house
4. Melrose, expect the Snake Pit
5. TiVo at Sam’s

Crowchild is back and with a costume suggestion for Smyth. Only eight days separates Smyth and his first possible Halloween dud.

Another piece of Earth shattering news from the Smyth camp, it was revealed today that he was totally unaware that there is a Real World/Road Rules Challenge currently on air and into it’s third week of the season. You feeling all right Sam? Oh and Smyth, Beth gets punched in the face.

“Wait, there’s a Real World show on that I don’t know about?”—Smyth


Clip of the Day. Skateboarder’s young Jaime Owens gets a line. Notice Reda creeping in the background.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Philly’s own Brett Barto pays tribute to the golden age of Chevy.

Skate Fart wins for best link of the day. Look in his column for “WEST SIDE connection.”

Emailed by Tapper Thomas Lane: “Rick Howard in Sanger’s post today, at a glance, looks like a black kid. No?” The Subject line read “BlackRickk. Well Thomas Lane, Rickk’s color has been a mystery for many years and I think your email is a testament that it will be for many more to come.

Today, Girl OG, Johannes Gamble came by. He’s responsible for this much imitated effect. He also once ate pizza for four years straight.



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Peter Campbell from Australia gave the Manchester some French accents with his Amélie inspired rendition. Now that’s worldly.

Carroll has an interview on the Tampa site where they're not affraid to ask the tough questions. Straight jiggly?

In Carroll’s attempt to make Crailtap much more press releasey, he forwarded me this link to inform you that Jereme won a contest on the Dew Tour last weekend. Good job Jereme. Good job Carroll.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that almost ran over The Hime as I was pulling out of my building on my way to work. He looked like he hadn’t showered or slept and had a skateboard with him. I think they call that the walk of shame. You still got it Hime.

“Like getting jumped out of a gang.”—Schnurr after seeing the video of himself from his last night in LA

“I wouldn’t expect anything less than you completely disrespecting my car and eating your rice pudding in here.”—Reda



Twenty-four more winners to go in the Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Here’s today’s pick. Way before Chappelle was telling us, “How Tron be living.” Diseny made a movie of the same title. Now John Banuach from Los Gatos has put it on a Manchester. See the post from 10/9/06 for details.

The other day it was revealed, by Rudy himself, that he’s been taking inventory of who keeps their windows up and AC down while driving when it’s hot out. On that list were Jason Callaway, Smyth, Carroll, and myself. In the event that you ever have to give him a ride you should know it’s a major pet peeve of his.

More Schnurr.

“Made it easier to make my shake and bake pork chops.”—Gerard about the earthquakes in Hawaii



Clip of the Day. Alex learned bean plants the other day.

If you’re on the 10 East today and you see a U-Haul with a teal ’96 Integra with tinted windows hitched to the back that’s Matt Schnurr moving back to AZ, after almost two years in the South Bay. It was good times Matt, mostly at your expenses. On Friday we had a little going away party in the Skatepark. He was claiming naked certain deaths on the big quarter all week, but settled for this instead. As a bonus here’s a Best of Schnurr Slideshow. We’ll miss ya Bud.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. The entries are rolling in thick, but we have some suggestions. We don’t really need any more shoes donning the artwork of The Big Lebowski, Gleaming the Cube, or Back To The Future. Although, the ones we’ve already received have been wonderful, I know how sensitive you guys are. Nevertheless we’ll probably pick a winner from each. Here’s the Gleaming the Cube winner. Adam Pope from Selma, Alabama.



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster isn’t really a guest at all, he’s coming from in-house. The O.G. Art Dumper Andy Jenkins. Thanks Andy.

Koston, you better stay out of Ithaca or Jamal is gonna get you for that tornado spin.

Clip of the Day. MJ does the Duren.

The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. St. Paul’s Patrick Smith gives his Manchester a classic comedy makeover. Send entries here. Check the post from 10/9/06 for details.

What Did the Gav Have? Sizzler.

“I don't remember too much except my cheek was killing me when I woke up.”—Schnurr


The T. Ferg Clip of the Day. The fourth and final clip. Classic form. Good week Tone.

The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Georgia’s Jonathan Bader with a total Cinderella story. Send entries here.

The Girl and Chocolate dudes are gonna be here today.

Rick Hill gets down for life.

Watch the vid of Snoop and then tell me that The Gav’s not a marketing genius.

The Capaldi brothers are standing behind me as I write this. It’s kind of unnerving.

Oh, and Eric’s alive everyone.

“Tony’s skating better than ever.”—The Gav

“I didn’t even need practice. I just knew how to fly the helicopter.”—Snoop



The T. Ferg Clip of the Day. In between Starbucks runs and looking at denim, Tony 5-0s to fakie at the plaza.

The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest (among causing some confusion, Carroll finally got it) is entering its rip roaring third day. Markspond Santos from Costa Mesa knows that he’d be the envy of the favela with these. Hope you’re a size 9 Markspond.

For details about the contest look at the post from 10/9/06 and just to clear up, the shoe we pick for the winner is picked from all the entries not just from the day of the announcement. Don’t worry it’ll be explained completely by the time the contests over. Send entries here.

Malto showing off the Chocolate Radio with a Crail Slide. Totally different from a Crailtap.

The new Ruby line will be premiering at X-Girl store tomorrow night. If you’re so inclined. Scnhurr won’t be there, he’ll be attending his going away party that his friends, as of this writing, are totally incapable of planning.

“I’m good at a lot of shit.”—Staba

“Where do I get normal friends? At”—The Gav



The T. Ferg Clip of the Day. Tony does a Brian Lotti’s over the hip.

The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest has a second winner. It’s John Conor from Australia.

Guess Whose Tat? This one if pretty ill.

Trick Tips really do work. Even for Koston, kind of.

The Laka site has posted all the entries from the Lakai Song Contest on their site. Take a listen.

With Halloween rapidly approaching Smyth is in major dilemma mode. He can’t think of a costume. He’s claiming he’s coming off a flawless six year run with the following getups; Eminem, Jeff Spicoli, Hunter S Thompson, Harry Carry, Dude from Sabbath's Paranoid cover, and of course, Dog The Bounty Hunter. Looks like ’06 could be his first turd. Any suggestions?

“I don’t think emo chicks give it up.”—Eric Anthony



The T. Ferg Clip of the Day. Rickk just came back from his hometown of Vancouver, Canada where, among celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, he acquired a week’s worth of Tony Ferguson clips. Here’s the first.

We have our first of 30 winners for The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest (see yesterday’s post for details). Margaret Adams from Oregon, your size 9s are on the way. Thanks Margaret for putting Mariah on a Manchester.

Another Retro Schnurr, The PE Years has surfaced.

Also for Schnurr. Matt you’re vanity plate has been taken.

“You were under the green screen.”—Bird



This weeks Guest Front Page Poster is Kool Kutter, a kid not to be talked about. Knobs beware. Thanks Kutter.

New Lakai Contest! Put a Movie on a Manchester. The details are kind of heavy so let’s get right to it. First the prize. We got 60 pairs of unreleased Sky High and Carroll 3s with a Hot Chocolate and a Yeah Right! makeover, respectively. Take a look. I think in the shoe world they call those “Excrusive.” Rather than put them on eBay or give them all to Nick Diamond we wanna give them to you guys. To win a set of each you need to come up with your own classic movie imaging and/or title on a Manchester shoe, either on this drawing or this photo. You could have a Star Wars shoe or a Scarface buttas if you want. So instead of one winner we’re gonna have 30. If one of your newly designed shows makes it on to the Randoms that means you won, so make sure to send your address with your entry. All shoes are in a size 9 only. So that’s that. Send entries here.

Jereme is putting out his own video featuring he and his friends. You can watch the trailer here. That is if your employer doesn’t have a MySpace blocker. And Jeremy I think we should use that backside flip over the gap in Ohio for the Badass Tour video instead of your video. Cool? Cool.

Val Surf recently celebrated 44 years in business. I believe they are the world’s eldest skate shop. Congratulations Brandon and company.

How trick tips should be done.

“Glad you wear shirts and not dresses.”—Henry Sanchez



This post is coming in a little early; so don’t forget about today’s earlier post. We’re just way into the future over here.

Clip of the Day. Cheeks told me that Enrique was out back ripping. He was right.

There will be a new Lakai contest with more than one winner. More details on Monday, maybe.

Utility Boardshop with be hosting an in-store next weekend in Upland. Upland used to be synonymous with The Pipeline skatepark, the Albas, Miller, and Jueden. It will now forever be known as the site of the Girl and Chocolate In-Store Appearance. That was dumb.

All I gotta say is where is the Halen logo?

It’s Supreme Curtis’ birthday this weekend. Can’t remember if it’s Saturday or Sunday, or knowing him, all weekend. Happy birthday.



Retro Schnurr, The PE Years. Three of three.

I’ve been trying to wean Reda off Starbucks for years. Maybe this guy can get through to him being that it’s one of his own.

We lost a Ben but we’re getting a Scooch. In other words we lost a wizard and we’re getting a metro neat freak. In other words Ben Colen moved to New York and Scott Johnston’s moving back to LA. So we may be pressed when it comes to how much newt tail to add to a spell, but at least we’ll have someone to tell us how many cranberry throw pillows is required to make for a comfy couch. An even trade.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Canadians.

Interesting note to make: The Canadians weren’t very prominent in the Lakai Song Contest. Just not funky enough I guess. Next time maybe a Rush song parody.

Been kind of dry on quotes all week. Sorry.



The softy that Carroll is wants to send all the entries for the Lakai Song Contest a token of his appreciation. So if you entered expect to be contacted soon. Even the guy who wrote in saying that Carroll doesn't know shit about hip-hop and our contests suck because he didn't win might even get something too. Then again it's up to Carroll.

Retro Schnurr, The PE Years. Two of three.

Told you today was gonna be shorter.


For the next three days we’ll be bringing you Retro-Schnurr, The PE Years. Here’s one of three.

Speaking of the PE years, Lotti’s video, according to Skate Daily, is now available.

Guy’s friend Amrit has been working on a video to which we have a trailer. Watch for the part where he runs over a squirrel.

I’m going to meet Mike and Alex at a church. Be for warned, tomorrow’s post may be even shorter.



This weeks Guest Frontpage Poster is Sacto’s and The Skateboard Mag’s own Jeff Landi, who is guaranteed to be complaining about his back as we speak. Thanks Landi!

The Vans Lakai Song Contest.The impartial judge Carroll has picked a winner. He’s so impartial in fact that he even overlooked one of his good friends for the top spot. When it was all said and done Epoct’s “White Leather Welsh” was given the proverbial Five Mics and first place. Congratulations Epcot and we’d like to thank all those who entered, The Pack, and Vans. The Lakai site will shortly be hosting all the tracks submitted.

New Lakai contest coming very soon. Hope you’re size 9.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 positive thoughts and/or comments that Alex Olson has expressed today:

So much for the Gav’s new diet plan Ringer. He pounded a burrito at lunch. That’s at least three hands.

The Remix.


See past Randoms