Top 5 Mike Carroll

Top 5 tours that you couldn't skate on

1. DC uber tour 97

2. Gang of Fourstar Europe tour

3. Fourstar Mapquest tour

4. 2nd Beauty and the Beast

5. Fourstar Super Champion Funzone

Top 5 video parts

1. Julien Stranger Reason for Living

2. Gino Yeah Right

3. Andrew Allen Prevent This Tragedy

4. Sheffey Life video

5. All of Hensley's footage in Hocus Pocus

Top 5 stretches

1. Downward dog

2. Hip flexers

3. Sphincter winks

4. Smiths and one

5. "Rocket airs boys"

Top 5 things about skating for H-Street

1. Fred Orlande

2. H-Street house

3. Katie

4. Getting vibed for being an "H-Street kook"

5. It was awesome!

Top 5 things about riding for Plan B

1. Ternasky

2. Learned a lot during that time

3. Skating with those dudes

4. Rickk trying to cuddle me while sharing a bed one time

5. Just being a part of that whole situation in that era/period

Top 5 companies you once considered skating for

1. Mad Circle

2. Stereo

3. Those were just companies that I would have liked to ride for if we never started Girl

4. I don't even know if I could have even gotten on any of them

5. Blind, when Henry first got on

Top 5 foods you're scared of

1. I'm not scared...

2. I'm just not that interested...

3. Or it just looks weird...

4. I only like grubbin' ass food…

5. Maybe cow tongue or brains or whatever is scary

Top 5 foods you're not scared of

1. Burgers that aren't too pink

2. Anything you can swallow without chewing. No "no homo" either

3. Hugo de chocha…

4. ...unless it's a miscarriage. That's gross

5. If Sam cosigns then it's less scary

Top 5 people you're constantly texting

1. Mike Mo, maybe if I'm lucky

2. Meza if he's checking to see of I ain't dead yet

3. Probably deleting texts that I'm not going to reply to

4. Probably deleting texts that I'm not going to reply to

5. Brian Anderson

Top 5 reasons to stop texting

1. Cuz I'm driving

2. Cuz it's annoying

3. Cuz I'm over having a text conversation when we could just talk on the phone

4. Battery died

5. "Where are my keys? I lost my phone!"

Top 5 split decisions you've made

1. I

2. Make

3. Those

4. When

5. I'm drunk

Top 5 things to worry about

1. Life

2. What I just thought about

3. My house

4. Tomorrow

5. What I'm about to try to say or saying

Top 5 positions

1. President

2. CEO

3. Reverse cowgirl

4. Bust a Move 'Google it'

5. Apple squat

Top 5 people

1. Meg

2. Sam

3. ADW

4. Not Meza

5. Rickk

Top 5 things that confuse you

1. Life

2. Thinking about thinking

3. Conversations that I interrupt in the middle

4. Why Meza acts the way he acts

5. Alex Olson

Top 5 things about being VP of Girl

1. Sounds cool

2. Rhymes with DP

3. I'm The Mez's boss

4. 10 til 8

5. Um, I'm the fucking V.P. Bitch! That's what's fucking up

Top 5 skaters

1. Julien S

2. Gonz

3. Marc J

4. Deawon

5. Mike Malto

Top 5 tricks you've seen down the Seven

1. Double Tre Flip

2. Big spin

3. Can't think of anything too special to write



Top 5 things you miss about SF

1. Food

2. Walking outside and just hopping on my board and being on it all day no matter what or where you skate

3. A couple friends

4. Public transit instead of driving

5. Taking BART home to where I'm really from, Daly City

Top 5 things about having a 20 year friendship
with Rick Howard

1. His snoring on tour

2. His foot powder

3. He's awesome

4. His roommate is nice to me

5. He's always been a totally radical skate buddy

Top 5 New Year's Eves

1. The one that I candy flipped! Well that was probably 3 of them. Back in the 1900's

2. The one's that I can't remember, probably?

3. Definitely not the one at Cha Cha 08-09

4. The "wanna take one to come down?" justification just to have an eighth zerp at 7am

5. '09 into oh 10 in Santa Barbra was the best one yet!

Top 5 rappers

1. Dre Dog (Nickatina)

2. Lil Wayne cuz he's out of his mind

3. 56 bips 187 crew

4. Em

5. Mac Dre

6. Bonus, Too $hort

Top 5 rockers

1. Ozzy

2. Motley Crüe

3. Metallica

4. All the ealier stuff of course

5. Bad Shit

Top 5 dream hook ups

1. Alex should hook up with Li Lo

2. If not him and if I was single. Li Lo

3. But not the current Li Lo

4. Not the Jereme Klien company

5. Any kind of bartering hook ups like skate product for food and whatever else you can think of

Top 5 accessories

1. Anything

2. When

3. I'm drunk

4. And

5. Maybe steal

Top 5 people to party with

1. French Fred, the Itallian one

2. Sam

3. Beebz

4. Not the Mez, for sure

5. Karyn Long last name

6. Bonus, Meg

Top 5  things about having chest hair

1. Full body cornrows

2. Number 3 guard

3. Stay warm in the winter

4. Separates the girls...

5. ...from the women

Top 5 reasons to describe something as "interesting"

1. For

2. Lack

3. Of

4. A better

5. Adjective

Top 5 lame things about driving an Escalade

1. Cuz it became the "hip hop" flagship vehicle

2. I felt corny driving one around Hollywood area where I live

3. Everyone kept telling me to get 22 inch rims. I stay strictly stock

4. It was a designated car cuz it had hella room

5. It's no good for road head because of the center console/arm rest

Top 5  "weird" things

1. Why do you ask me things that I couldn't even start to answer because there are too many to chop down to 5





Top 5 things about having Brad Pitt do an imitation of you

1. He said my name

2. He might have asked who I was. And maybe Spike told him and he has a good memory and remember me if I ever meet him

3. Maybe his wife saw it and googled me after

4. I tripped me the fuck out

5. It was hella funny