Top 5 reasons you're babe magnet that can't pull babes
1. Being shy
2. Not wanting to talk to them because you could give a shit what there
going say
3. Talking to one and looking for something better at the same time and
ending up with neither
4. Not dancing with them because you're not feeling the song  
5. Trying to pull so hard that you become not yourself anymore but
some retard

Top 5 things that would make you cut your hair
1. The wind makes it go crazy 
2. Skating 
3. Locks of Love Foundation  
4. If somebody was willing to buy my hair to make a wig  
5. If I started to go bald which most likely is happening already
Top 5 things about traveling with Biebel
1. Getting me stoned 
2. Making me laugh
3. Making apples we can smoke out of 
4. Biebel and Dubs fighting over who's got whiter tees
5. Never a dull moment 
Top 5 things about having a pro skater for a dad
1. Being able to go skating with him
2. Having your dad laugh at you when you just fell really hard 
3. Fighting about pros that are better then other pros 
4. Trying to watch him skate street
5. Seeing your dad ollie up a Euro gap and catching his back truck
eating shit.
Top 5 things your dad can do on a board that you can't
1. Space walk 
2. Laybacks 
3. FS slash grind 
4. Caving and looking behind you
5. Have an ego when doing it
Top 5 Ed Templeton travel rules
1. Don't be the last one in the van
2. Tell somebody where you're going before leaving to the store
3. Skate you're best at demos for the kids 
4. Get naked when Ed asks you
5. If you're about to sleep with a girl Ed gets to watch or you're
not getting laid 
Top 5 favorite skaters when you were 13
1. Andrew Reynolds
2. The whole team in Welcome to Hell
3. Scott Johnston 
4. AVE 
5. Dill
Top 5 people
1. Mikey Gig
2. Jack Greer, did the horse board for me
3. Marco
4. BA
5. Reese
Top 5 companies who flowed you boards back in the day
1. Real
2. Black label
3. Toy Machine
4. Alien Workshop
5. Got a box from Antihero right when I started to get Girl stuff. I saved the
Top 5 reasons to yell "FUCK!"
1. When you're pissed
2. Not making a trick
3. At cars when you're in your car
4. Through a text message can feel good. But only when it's all CAPS
5. When you hurt yourself 
Top 5 extra curricular activities
1. Shooting photos 
2. Surfing 
3. Having keyboards that you don't know how to play.
4. Buying record because one day you think you're going to DJ a party
but you're not
5. Filming little videos and editing them  
Top 5 travel buds
1. BA
2. Reese
3. D-Gar
4. Dad
5. Spanky
Top 5 foods in LA
1. Jones on third for turkey club 
2. Comfort Café for penne arrabiata
3. Dominic's for market greens salad  
4. Delancey pizza 
5. Cafe Stella 
Top 5 Hollywood hangouts
1. Melrose Starbucks
2. Supreme
3. Swingers
4. Farms market
5. Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice
Top 5 photographers
1. Helmet Newton
2. Guy Bourdin
3. Irving Penn 
4. William Claxton
5. Bob Richardson, and many more
Top 5 most embarrassing moments
1. Snapping one off and you're dad walks in and laughs
2. Somebody queefing next to you in bed and thinking to yourself
"Oh god did I just fart in front of her!"  
3. Anything thing with modeling  
4. Thinking you're a badass because you can ride your bike to school.
Then, on the first day of school, trying to ride down the two stair in front of
your house and knocking the wind out of yourself
5. Getting drunk
Top 5 Daggers
1. Hosoi 
2. Hook
3. Dad
4. DD
5. Jesse Martinez
Top 5 father figures
1. Dad 
2. Lance Dawes 
3. Scott Johnston, more of a big brother
4. C-Rob, big brother 
5. Carroll, big brother
Top 5 pieces of advice your dad has given you about skateboarding
1. Get paid
2. Be nice at demos
3. Say Please and Thank you
4. Look at someone in the eyes when you shake there hand
5. Don't trust Novak
Top 5 things that make you happy
1. Laughing  
2. Finding new music I like
3. Eating something good 
4. Surfing
5. Shooting photos
Top 5 movies
1. Purple Rain
2. American Psycho 
3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Fuck Tim Burton  
4. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5. The Outsiders