Sean Malto Top 5

Top 5 things about being half white
1. Only getting half a sunburn
2. I can drive half way good
3. Parents didn't get that mad about bad grades
4. Skipping the whole eating dogs and cats thing
5. Not being full white

Top 5 things you miss about rollerblading
1. Unity grinds
2. Fishbrains
3. Liukangs
4. Tabernacles
5. Cess slides

Top five things about being taller than Ernie Torres
1. Holding him by his forehead when he tries to punch me
2. He always told me I would never be taller than him, look at us now Torres
3. Using his head as a coaster
4. Putting it in his face that I can ride the go carts cause he wasn't tall enough
5. Knowing that no matter how much shit I talk about being taller than him he can still whoop my ass

Top 5 skaters
1. Busenitz
2. Froston
3. McCrank
4. Manzoori
5. Kirchart

Top 5 ways to annoy Mike Mo
1. School him on the basketball court
2. Text faster than him
3. Never stay at his house
4. Lip slide ledges
5. Messing with his MySpace account

Top 5 Oklahomies
1. Hutto
2. Torres
3. Brandon
4. Jeff Maines
5. Ramondetta

Top 5 things about staying at Mikey Taylor's
1. Pool Table
2. Mini Ramp
3. Driving an hour to go skate everyday
4. Cramming five people in a Civic hatch
5. The gutters

Top 5 hairstyles
1. Stair steps
2. Corn rows
3. Flat top fade
4. Bowl undercut
5. Slick back

Top 5 things about the Baddass Meets Dumbass tour
1. The Skate Mental presence
2. Poker tournaments
3. The beer bong
4. Biebel was killing it
5. The 24 hour drive to Texas

Top 5 bands
1. The Animals
2. Guns and Roses
3. Pink Floyd
4. Black Sabbath
5. Dinosaur Jr.

Top 5 things about being a new homeowner
1. Having my own bathroom
2. Having a garage to park my car
3. Furnishing the insides pretty tight
4. Having BBQs
5. Living with my mom and my brother

Top 5 reasons to smile a lot
1. Having a good time
2. Skating tight
3. Being half Asian
4. Having funny friends
5. Not having a busted grill anymore

Top 5 foods
1. Sushi
2. Mexican
3. Italian
4. Chinese
5. Gates BBQ

Top 5 movies
1. Fubar
2. The Stoned Age
3. Goodfellas
4. Menice to Society
5. Done Having Fun

Top 5 things about coming to Girl
1. Getting the new stuff
2. Meza talking shit cause I don't look at crailtap everyday
3. Being beat up by Rickk
4. Kickin it in Sam's office
5. Skating the park

Top 5 people
1. Sam Mcguire
2. Ben Clumsky
3. Tim Chilen
4. Chris Anderson
5. Rodderick Deems Harper Jr.

Top 5 things about having two brothers that skate
1. Get to kick it with them all day
2. All have the same friends
3. Learning tricks from each other
4. Having two buddies to skate with
5. Having KOB jump on a rail first to test it out.


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