First he tried to write his answers by hand, then he emailed them in all caps. What would you expect from a Top 5 from the trippest dude we know, Royal's own Rudy Johnson..

Top 5 Latin skaters
1. Mark Gonzales
2. Paulo Diaz
3. Gabriel Rodriguez
4. Diego Butcheri 
5. Billy Valdez

Top 5 lame things you've done
1.On the way to Canada years back in the van, I smacked Guy's head kind of hard, then he immediately turned around and punched Gabriel Rodriguez, who was sitting next to me. It created a brawl. 
2. On our first Powell tour Frankie Hill assumed he had shot gun the whole tour, so after a sweaty demo I took my sock off and from behind the seat I wrapped it around his mouth and semi suffocated him. He was fucking pissed, but didn't do anything.
3. Me and a couple of guys pulled a serious heist at the old World Industries. The next day every one there was freaked out saying we had a break in last night, we were like, "Wow!"
4. After the San Diego amateur contest in 1990 a young Matt Schnurr was all exited to come hang with the LA boys, but I denied him access to the back of my 5.0, even though there was room for him. He was bummed.
5. Threw a wannabe piss drunk in a fountain at a video premiere. That was a good.

Top 5 things to do other than skate
1. Play lots of music
2. Run around chasing a little silly ball with the border brothers, is really fun! 
3. Pretend I know how to play golf with a bunch of industry buffs 
4. Drive my all wheel drive vehicle really fast around turns and scare people. 
5. Be one with the ocean and swim in there for hours

Top 5 people
1. My family 
2. Francisco Tarrega, he revolutionized the guitar, in the late 18 hundreds. It was unheard of to have a concert on guitar, and he developed the proper way of using the right fingering, sitting position, to make the guitar as versatile as the piano.
3. Galileo, this guy was incredible a true searcher. How do you discover the solar system in those days?
4. Neil Armstrong, how about taking a nice little afternoon walk where he did?
5. Isaac Newton, I don't even have to say what this guy discovered

Top 5 skate videos
1. Future Primitive, first skate video I saw
2. Sick Boys
3. Yeah Right!
4. Sorry
5. Skate-More, just to get the free lunch

Top 5 things to think about while drumming for a ska band
1. Just keep it simple 
2. My bass player is fucking up and it's making me sound like shit. 
3. I can barely hear the rest of the band, cuz there is no monitor.
4. Two more songs and I rocked the night.
5. Shit I have to load all my drums back in the car

Top 5 guitar shredders
1. Randy Rhoads (RIP)
2. Robert Fripp
3. Any jazz guitarist
4. Tony Iommi 
5. Kirk Hammet

Top 5 things to trip out on the hardest
1. Watching people, annihilate themselves on that show Maximum Exposure. The guy's commentary on that show is the best out of all those shows
2. Actually figuring out how life is working simply by analyzing the movement of the moon and Earth around the sun.
3. Puting your finger on the window while flying on a plane, closing one eye, and watching your finger move across the land directly below. Not on the horizon. Watch how fast your finger passes objects. That's how fast you are moving. That one is cool.
4. National Geographic channel on any given night, will trip you out for sure. Discovery was cool but they turned too reality on me. You know Monster Garage, Orange County Choppers. Why don't they do Orange County Vespa Garage?
5. Gravity. Probably the most taken for granted natural power that exist. Without even knowing it you are in a constant battle with gravity from the second you are born. Eventually it ends up killing you. Every day you just can't take it no more so you surrender yourself to it in the most comfortable position your brain can think of, lying down. That's the real reason why we sleep at night, not just because it's dark, your body battled gravity for about 14 hours. It can't hang. Trip out on that one!

Top 5 graphics of all time
1. An VCJ
2. Neil Blender Picasso
3. Rob Roskop series
4. First Gonz
5. Jason Lee Cat in the Hat

Top 5 places to skate
1. Down town Los Angeles is always fun to me on a Sunday.
2. Barcie that's all I fucking hear now and days but it is fun. 
3. Vancouver before they knobbed every thing,
4. Marseille, France, that place is right on the beach it's like skate paradise.
5. Turnbull Canyon down hill, it's about 5 minutes of no braking at 20 mph with turns

Top 5 skate stunts
1. Danny Way, Great Wall of China jump
2. Haslam, variel flip to Smith on a handrail
3. Bob, switch loop
4. Darrell, Clipper over to front blunt
5. Mike McGill, under the semi in Gleaming the Cube

Top 5 ponsors you've had
1. I really never skated for any company like to hang your fucking skateboard on the wall, maybe that's why I only have a two bedroom house.
2. Powell Peralta was a dream come true. 
3. So was skating for Blind with the master of the skateboard Mark Gonzales 
4. DC Shoes, we had some insane Super tours
5. Girl has been fun as shit, and still going