Richard Mulder Top 5

A Top 5 with the Chocolate OG turned Real Estate mogul, the king of the IE, the fabulous Richard Mulder.

Top 5 OG Chocolate riders
1. Gabriel Rodriguez
2. Paulo Diaz
3. Shamil Randle
4. Chico Brenes
5. Little D

Top 5 Chaffey Rippers
1. Phelps Ines
2. Jess McRaney
3. Joey "Bucky" Brezinski
4. Landon Mitchell
5. Marcus Stroud

Top 5 Lance Jr. Stories
1. Holds record for shower less days in neighborhood
2. Best teenage scumstash ever
3. In a band
4. The Clash encyclopedia live
5. Good at everything he wants to be good at

Top 5 Tattoos
1. On the Road Tattoos
2. Giant's Tattoos
3. Sid's Tattoos
4. Hecox Tattoos
5. No Tattoos

Top 5 things about riding for Chocolate
1. It's the best
2. Good times
3. Best Graphics
4. Our first Girl/Chocolate tour circa 94'
5. Keenan Milton

Top 5 things about riding for Hosoi
1. It's the best
2. Preaching with Christian in the inner city
3. Andre Genovesi
4. Hosoi Rockets
5. Wearing a suit and tie from dusk 'till dawn

Top 5 things about riding for Foundation
1. Josh Beagle taking me out of school early at 14yrs. old to skate
2. Tony Briseno
3. Filming Cocktails video
4. Creager
5. Big pants, small wheels

Top 5 things about riding for World Industries
1. Being a super skinny 15 year old kid with no bills to pay
2. Skating with Daewon and Little D everyday
3. Gap Jeans
4. Socrates Leal
5. $300 dollars a month in 1993 was good "AM" pay

Top 5 Motivational Teachings of Greg Carroll
2. Mastering the 7 Equities
3. Transform Breakdowns into Breakthroughs
4. Stay Focused
5. "Be careful what you listen to, it may warp your mind"

Top 5 Psalms/Versus
1. "What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of [earthborn] man that You care for him?" -Psalm 8:6amp
2. "Keep not your silence, O God; hold not Your peace or be still, O God. They have said, Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more." -Psalm 83:1,4amp
3. "Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no help." -Psalm 146:3amp.
4. "The Lord is my Strength and my [impenetrable] Shield; my heart trusts in, relies on, and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him." -Psalm 28:7amp.
5. "Let this be recorded for the generation yet unborn, that a people yet to be created shall praise the Lord."
-Psalm 102:18amp

Top 5 sins
1. Although every sin has its own repercussions- sin is sin, so categorizing sin is not biblical
2. Street Benihanas
3. Getting fat after saying, "I DO"
4. Disingenuous marketable skate make-overs
5. Being late

Top 5 foods
1. Albertacos- best Mexican food in Mission Viejo
2. Mackerel Sushi
3. Reduced sodium Spam
4. My wife's healthy food
5. McDonald's sundae

Top 5 bands
1. Matt Kearney
2. Keith Green
3. David Crowder
4. United Live
5. K-Earth 101

Top 5 reasons to buy a palm tree
1. Buy land and palm tree seeds
2. Watch palm trees grow
3. Mexican Fan Palms 8ft trunk $375.00
4. Cuban Royal Palms 45 gallon $495.00
5. Watch bank account grow

Top 5 skaters

1. Eric Koston
2. Guy Mariano
3. Matt Hensley
4. Jason Lee
5. Ronnie Bertino

Top 5 selling points in a buying / selling a home
1. In investing in R.E.-it's what you buy, not what you sell.
2. Ask Kenny Anderson
3. If your listening to the headlines- real estate dropped 20%, interests rates rose through the ceilings, and the median price home dropped 20%. 2006 facts- prices decreased between 5% to 8%, mortgage rates were basically unchanged, and the median price home ($555,290) rose 1.4% (05'-$547,870)
4. The national foreclosure rate in December 2006 was one new filing for every 1,055 households.
5. Best Tax Break for any Pro Skateboarder.