John Motta Top 5
Top 5 things about riding for Skate Mental
1. Brad Staba, Joe Krak, Matt Beach
2. Knowing that when I'm at the skate park I can pop my board up at anytime and say "My board's cooler than yours!" and be totally serious while the other person laughs at the graphic
3. Getting multiple compliments a day about my T-shirts
4. Listening to my mom go "Ugh!" when she's taking my laundry out of the dryer, and hearing her say "Johnny, you shouldn't be wearing this stuff!"
5. Everyone loves it

Top 5 things to do when you're not skating
1. Play with my new pet rabbit Goober
2. Hanging out with friends and family
3. Possibly partying
4. Bowling and painting sometimes
5. Going to the horse and dog track

Top 5 things about living at your mom's house
1. Not having to pay rent and doing chores instead (i.e. clean up horse poop)
2. My dad's house is only 10 houses away
3. My grandma lives in the barn in the back
4. It lets me see my family and pets every day
5. Having roommates, and the stories that come with it

Top 5 things about your mom renting out rooms in your house to random people
1. Knowing that people have died in the rooms
2. One had OCD and every 10 minutes would wash their hands and wet the right side of their hair
3. Out of like the 50 we've had there has only been like three semi cool ones so we don't really talk to them we just leave them notes on their bathroom door when we got something to say
4. This one named Butch that lives in Missouri or some shit, still sends my mom gifts like cookies and what not
5. Using their stuff when they're not home like their steak seasoning

Top 5 plans for this year
1. Skate, film, and shoot photos as much as I can
2. Beat the AZ summer heat and go on cool trips
3. Hit a tri or superfect at the horse or dog track
4. Watch my cousin Ian Kinsler get MLB's MVP or some other awesome award
5. See and film or a take a picture of a real UFO

Top 5 people whom you have wanted to hang out with but never have
1. Aliens
2. The ancient Egyptians
3. Edward Leedskalnin
4. Einstein
5. Any other people that built ancient mysteries

Top 5 things about Arizona
1. The winters
2. The spots
3. My family
4. My cousins Texas Rangers spring training games
5. My friends

Top 5 things about recently turning 21
1. It's really convenient
2. The horse and dog track
3. Whenever I buy my brother or his friend beer I make them tip me
4. Gambling
5. Being able to go to all my other friends 21st birthdays

Top 5 things about shooting photos with Matt Price
1. He's got a great sense of humor
2. Some times he buys me food
3. I know the photos gunna be good
4. All the spots I skate are by my house and he lives on the other side of town and he's always kind enough to drive to me
5. We always got stories to trade

Top 5 things about getting a Top 5
1. Wondering if its gonna be good
2. Hoping people will like it
3. A ton of awesome people have one, now I do to
4. I'll be forever embedded on Crailtap
5. Maybe it'll get me laid

Top 5 foods
1. Crab legs and butter
2. Burritos and tacos
3. Teriyaki chicken and rice
4. Pizza
5. Steak

Top 5 ways to get on Skate Mental
1. Get Lucky
2. Wear Nikes
3. Don't talk about skateboarding
4. Brad's gotta really like you and your stories
5. Believe in aliens

Top 5 ways to get off Skate Mental
1. Be too old
2. Don't believe in aliens
3. Bad attitude
4. Do something Brad doesn't like
5. Stop wearing Nikes