Mar 1, 2016 2:20pm
Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Daniel Wheatley

Big Wheat’s Top 5 reasons why Florida has contributed more to skateboarding than any other state, outside of California, of course…
1. For pure history’s sake: Rodney Mullen and Alan Gelfand. The tricks you do everyday came from Floridians- you’re welcome
2. Andrew Reynolds: Easily the top 5 greatest skaters ever. Still wears a University of Florida shirt all the time. From THPS to his Instagram today he is probably responsible for tens of thousands of kids starting to skate
3. Danny Renaud: he was a huge dick to us as kids and we still worshiped him. His Mosaic part is one of the best gifts to skateboarding ever. Falls off 9 stories and can still switch back tail
4. Brad Cromer: Probably the best export since Reynolds. For those who know, he’s probably one of the best skaters ever, and he’s been that good since he was about 14. He stayed living in Florida until he turned pro because he wanted to prove to himself you didn’t have to move out west to go pro. He probably would have been pro like 5 years earlier had he moved sooner, but he did stuck it out. Major respect
5. Elissa Steamer: I don’t think she was the first female pro, but she is the most stylish female skater ever. There hasn’t been a girl as stylish ever since

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