May 17, 2013 12pm
Look Who Stopped By!

New Feature (that will only happen once)! We’re calling it “Look Who Stopped By!


Hi, Chris Roberts. Why did you come to Girl today?
To drop off Walking Dead episodes to you…and to get free stuff.

What’s your favorite free stuff to get?
Boards, shirts and pants.

Do you believe in zombies?
I would like to see the apocalypse.

Would you survive?
Of course I would. Anyone who wants to survive the apocalypse I’m your man. Actually I doubt it. I’d be the first one to go…to turn.

Are you skating this weekend?
Yeah. I go to Stoner everyday, not on the weekends though. That’s horrible idea.

Ever gotten stoned at Stoner?

Has Daniel?
Of course he does.

Favorite obstacle there.
The ledges, even though they don’t slide.

Thanks for stopping by.
My pleasure.

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