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  • Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Mike Carroll

    Mike’s Top 5 tricks he’d like to see referred to by their original names:
    1. Feeble grind—grapefruit grind
    2. No comply—43
    3. Fakie frontside flip—frontside halfcab flip. You’d never call a halfcab flip a fakie backside flip because when you do you disrespect Steve Caballero
    4. Hardflip—frontside varial flip. Shit ain’t hard anymore
    5. Howard flip—Markivoch flip, because Rickk refuses to do them in public

  • Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Daniel Wheatley

    Daniel Wheatley’s* Top 5 freakish things about being freakishly tall:
    1. When I moved to LA and had a shaved head, ladies often asked me if I was black
    2. Knocked myself out on a door frame and rolled both of my ankles on the fall
    3. Having to get tested at age 16 for Marfen-hands syndrome
    4. Bill Strobeck telling me I must have a steak in my pants
    5. During my senior year I grew 7 inches

    *Daniel’s 6’9″


  • Mini Top 5 with Ronnie Sandoval

    Ronnie can skate good…and he can skate like some of the greats.

  • Mini Top 5 with Daniel Espinoza

    Lakai & Royal rider, Daniel Espinoza’s Top 5 early grab tricks on the Dwindle mini.