Mike Carroll ’94 Skater of the Year reflects
on a decade of SOTY

How old were you when you won Thrasher’s Skater of the Year?
I was 19

Who told you you won?
I can’t remember. I think a couple people told me but I was confused because I didn’t understand why or how I could be up for something like that.

What did you think at the time?
Like I said, I didn’t understand why or how. To me it was a big deal to get Skater of the Year and for them to choose me was kind of weird. But I was psyched.

How was your party?
I think it was fun? I had like 4 or 5 Strawberry Hill Boones. All my friends got up on stage with me and I was claiming winning two years in a row. Spike was even there!

How has your life changed?
It’s 10 years later.

Did you coin the term SOTY (Skater of the Year)?
I would say Gavin came up with that.

Have you ever used your SOTY status to get in a club?
Fuck yeah! It gets me in to all of the cool Hollywood "A" list clubs.

How about to get a chick?
I could never tell if it was the coke or the S.O.T.Y trophy.

What are you going to do to celebrate your 10-year anniversary?
I’m thinking about throwing myself a party and covering all the walls of the party with big blown up posters of my S.O.T.Y. cover.

Where’s your trophy?
I can’t say where the real one is but I have a replica being displayed and guarded at Girl.

Who should have been a SOTY but never was?
Marc Johnson

Do you ever cry about the old day?
It’s hard not to.

Who’s gonna win this year?
Jereme Rogers

Think you’ll ever win it again?
Of course I "think" I will.

Koston interview coming in two years, Anderson interview in five.