Dec 10, 2015 9:33am

Entry ##2451

The Song:
Perfect Stranger, Deep Purple
The Place:
who cares
The Word:
shut up

Mikey is in the full lead of annoying.
Rick is bugging hard but not on the level that Mikey has taken it.
Spike is being normal. I mean, normal for him.

Good to know to redirect my holiday shopping.

Smyth is looking for an intern to assist him with his vending machine on site here at Crail Headquarters. Perks include being called, “The Intern” by all Girl Employees as well as a free “Modern Furniture” stickers every week because our old product manager, Brian Mettee, bought an extra 10,000 of. Send your resumes. Hi Bri Bri!


Girl x Sub Pop Show Now Royal Griffin Gass Pack
@YonnieCruz’s “SPORT” One-Off Deck is OUT NOW at finer skateshops worldwide and #ChocolateSkateboards
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