Nov 6, 2015 9:21am
The Ringer #2449

Entry #2449

The Song:
Adele, Hello
The Place:
The Word:
it's on repeat

Eldy hit Mikey in the face with a snowball, Mikey lost his balance and slammed to the ground and I drove him in a snow storm to get a butterfly band aid. Then I got rear ended because no one could see in the snow. Then the police came and said, “why are you driving in this snow”. And then I told them the story you just read. 

Remember the Pop Rccks rumor when you were a kid? That your ass would explode if you ate them with soda? That’s what we feel like when you ask  if we’re moving to Dwindle. Stop it. Rocco hates Spike and Rickk. Maybe just Rickk. No, I think both of them. And maybe Mikey, too. No, not Mikey, he just thinks he’s annoying. 

So if anyone flashes you a peace sign ANYWHERE, just call the cops to be safe. #sketch

The cool kids.

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