Apr 11, 2013 10:40am by Ben
Car Trouble
  • DSC01353

    Took a quick weekend trip up to the Bay with Cory, Elijah, Stevie and a bunch of the homies this weekend. First stop was Raven’s in Santa Cruz. Cory’s really gunning for that Monster sponsorship.

  • DSC01346

    Awesome collage at Raven’s house. I’d show you the contents of Raven’s new safe but he already forgot the combination.

  • DSC01345

    As usual Logan had the best grip job on the trip.

  • DSC_1165

    First stop on the trip was Dolores park. Pretty rough warm up but Cory got it. While he was skating a tranny told us we were disrespecting him then tried to casually walk off with Cory’s phone. That place is always interesting.

  • DSC01366

    Elijah was doubling as my light man and Burt Reynolds in Playgirl.

  • DSC01414

    We got kicked out of our first apartment after one night there so Machine Gun Kelly here let us crash at his place the next few.

  • DSC_0088

    Don’t try this at home. Or maybe do, I don’t know.

  • DSC_7869

    We hit this spot in Oakland. This thing is a bitch, T-Blood is a beast!

  • DSC_1271

    Cory would have landed this gap to wallride…

  • DSC01431

    If he hadn’t ended up under a car. Next time you got it!

  • DSC_0758

    Last stop we went to this gem. Switch Back Board!

  • DSC_0107

    Warm up tricks are a lot more serious these days. Stevie with a nollie back lip.

  • DSC_0488

    Switch back fifty. Sheesh.

  • DSC_0651

    And then it was time for the real shit.

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