Mar 29, 2013 10:58am by Ben
Shooter McKoston
  • DSC01087

    Nike had a big party for Koston’s new shoe release last night.

  • DSC01091

    There was a heavy golf vibe going on.

  • DSC01089

    On the way in you had to walk through a maze of Eric’s old video parts. Nike has so much money they could afford to display G.G. Allin’s frozen head next to his Chomp part.

  • DSC01093

    They had turned the street course at 6th and Mill into a mini golf course of old skate spots. P-Rod is feeling the Hubba Hideout hole big time.

  • DSC01095

    There were a ton of people there. Buscemi with Bud x Fried Chicken Activation.

  • DSC01096

    Jimmy Gorecki!

  • DSC01094

    Artistic Italians! Feddy and Alberto.

  • DSC01127

    Legendary Lances!

  • DSC01117

    There was a big time Skateboarder Mag reunion going on. (as seen here)

  • DSC01123

    Young Hollywood. Muller and Adrian. Sam was hoping some girls might see this post. Doubtful.

  • DSC01118

    Teebs and Beebs.

  • DSC01098

    Curtis trying to look all non-chalant and shit.

  • DSC01121

    Stoney Rippers. Stevie and Jordan.

  • DSC01125

    Friendly Fight Club, Brad and O’Mealls

  • DSC01128

    Dubbs and Reda!

  • DSC01099

    Rad dads caught in the headlights. Humphries and Buddy.

  • DSC01124

    Mikey, Lee and Nak.

  • DSC01120

    Island Lumberjack Shier.

  • DSC01133

    This security guard was the Blackouts biggest fan.

  • DSC01110

    Staba illustrating the definition of a criddler.

  • DSC01131

    DL was having an awesome time as always.

  • DSC01132

    Play some Elliot Smith Sang!

  • DSC01097

    Where you at Roberts? Mini-Courthouse

  • DSC01100

    When it was time for his big entrance Brad delivered Eric on a golf cart. They’re trying to run me over right here.

  • DSC01102

    Malto was angling for a good photo of the man of the hour.

  • DSC01105

    It’s a great honor to have won the PGA tour!

  • DSC01103

    Congrats Eric!

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