Mar 25, 2013 11:29am by Ben
Fuck Art Let’s Skate
  • DSC00917

    To help us celebrate the release of the new Fourstar line, Grain LA had a little photo show of stuff we shot on the Four Live Crew tour in Florida last year.

  • DSC00907

    I was kind of concerned that all the expensive furniture and art around the gallery was going to take a beating but luckily everything worked out ok.

  • DSC00903

    My two fellow documentarians on this trip: Sam Smyth and EA lookin’ all regal and shit in front of a Samsklub original.

  • DSC00900

    EA put the whole thing together himself. Not only did he print all the photos and hang them up, he handmade a bunch of zines from the trip.

  • DSC00941

    The dude even catered the event! Thanks EA you killed it!

  • DSC00924

    A lot of people showed up. This is Clint Peterson’s dog Sadie. She’s a looker.

  • DSC00915

    Searcy and John made sure the smoking section stayed appropriately street.

  • DSC00920

    Casey and Eldy!

  • DSC00930

    Beebs showed up straight from a 7 hour tattoo sitting. Smyth approved!

  • DSC00942

    Eldy and Teebs go way back.

  • DSC00943

    These guys go way backer than that! Frost man and Rickk!

  • DSC00928

    Guy, Eldy and Otis O’meally tripping on Marc Suciu’s 19th amazing part this year.

  • DSC00939

    Otis was so psyched he had to ditch the art scene and go skate.

  • DSC00948

    Jerry mean mugging while Sam trips on some shit.

  • DSC00950

    Carroll started the night on some old Mike McGill/Clark Kent vibe.

  • DSC00951

    Jumped into the phone booth…

  • DSC00947

    And came out looking all True Romance. (With Jordyclot’s help)

  • DSC00952

    Amber alert!! Wheatley kidnapping Sam.

  • DSC00953

    And I’ll let them take it from here…

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