Feb 28, 2013 11:46am by Ben
  • DSC00269

    I went to the Transworld awards/Video Premier last night in Hollywood. Tommy Guerrero won the Legends award. It was really rad to see.

  • DSC001402

    Back to the start of the night, we ran into Federico and Snewman out soliciting Hollywood sketchiness.

  • DSC001421

    Then It was off to the Bowery to meet the Mayor of the Block and posse up for the awards.

  • DSC001461

    Beebs helped art direct this group shot. Lee Dawg setting trends with the shirtlessness. A running theme for the night.

  • DSC001491

    SOTY posse! Tony, Furry and BA.

  • DSC001511

    Feds was born to work the red carpet. Getting in a quick Q and A from Blair.

  • DSC001521

    Ran into Tuan outside the theater!

  • DSC001541

    Inside I was stunned to get an Olson sighting in the lounge area. “Back in the 70′s these award shows used to mean something!”

  • DSC001551

    My favorite CEO, Dubbs was there!

  • DSC001581

    I went up to the balcony to say what’s up to the 2128 posse and almost got mugged by these maniacs! Sam and Cory were on a rampage.

  • DSC001601

    My old roommates Cheeks and Jay. Chico thought my name was Fred when I lived with him.

  • DSC001611

    Na-Kel was there and ready to go. That jacket and this wallpaper were made for each other.

  • DSC001621

    Casey and Dameech in the crowd. One of my favorite skate photogs!

  • DSC001781

    Guy accepting his readers choice award. Good choice readers!

  • DSC001821

    Axion Reunion! Bri and Kareem were super stoked for Guy.

  • DSC001931

    Then DGK won best team. Stevie gave a really rad speech.

  • DSC002021

    Aesthetics Reunion! My favorite presenters of the evening, Sal and Rob.

  • DSC001991

    Pretty Sweet won best video! After seeing first hand how much work all the guys put into this thing it was awesome to see them get recognized for it.

  • DSC002161

    Sam couldn’t give a bad speech if he tried. Brian was so psyched he took his shirt off.

  • DSC00208

    Mike was really hyped for Tommy. Hometown Hero Pride.

  • DSC00231

    Then Cory started doing some impromtu announcing with a little beat boxing thrown in.

  • DSC00244

    The music started playing.

  • DSC00247

    Cory almost went Sean Penn on me right here! That’s what I get for being the paparazzi.

  • DSC00256

    Guy won video part of the year! Congrats Guy you earned the fuck out of it.

  • DSC00275

    Guy and Vince on the way out. Vinnie is off the crutches! Good times last night, thanks TWS.

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