Feb 27, 2012 1:31pm
Top 5 with Daniel Espinoza

World Famous Five with Daniel Espinoza. He’s as fast as he is furious.


Top 5 KOTR moments

  1. Guy’s pep talks
  2. Rick when him and Guy would be crunching numbers
  3. Vincent’s raps
  4. The stripper in the van
  5. Homie getting his phone stolen at that one spot

Top 5 KOTR makes outs (in order)

  1. The stripper
  2. The GILF
  3. Juggalette till she got bummed when I grabbed her ass
  4. Longboard chick
  5. I only had 4

Top 5 things about being sponsored at age 12

  1. Didn’t have to skate X-Games boards anymore
  2. Didn’t have to skate in Payless shoes anymore
  3. Going on Termite trips
  4. Spending all my per-diem on Mexican chili candy
  5. Skateboarding with no worries

Top 5 nicknames people have given you

  1. Spinach—Yeah Lucas and JB then Reda heard it and it stuck
  2. Sparrow—I don’t remember who made it up I just remember Rick and Guy kept calling me that on KOTR
  3. Llama—Moose started calling me that. He said I look like the llama from The Emperors New Groove
  4. Squirrel—Old
  5. DE—My initials

Top 5 cars

  1. R34 Nissan Skyline
  2. AE86 Panda Trueno
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution v//
  4. Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type R
  5. Mazda RX-7 (FD)

Top 5 things about riding for Lakai

  1. Everyone on the team is sick
  2. It’s LAKAI!
  3. Everything about Lakai is awesome
  4. That
  5. is all

Top 5 things to do in Arkansas

  1. Cow tipping
  2. Watching the sunset
  3. Drinking beers with my big brother
  4. Shooting with my step dad
  5. Bugging the shit out of my mom

Top 5 reasons to move back to Fontana

  1. Fontana skatepark
  2. SB meet
  3. 45-minutes from LA
  4. Thai Time
  5. What am I saying? Anyone renting a room in LA?

Top 5 moving violations

  1. Unsafe lane change ticket
  2. No front license plate
  3. No front license plate, again
  4. Speeding ticket I got on the way to take my behind-the-wheel test
  5. No front license plate, another time

Top 5 things about being lazy

  1. I’m trying to gain weight
  2. No matter how much I sleep I’m still always tired
  3. Facebook is really interesting
  4. My phone always dies so I never know what time it is
  5. Huh?

Top 5 people

  1. Chris Roberts
  2. Casper
  3. Anfff
  4. MJ
  5. Guy

Top 5 things about being a smoker

  1. Makes
  2. you
  3. look
  4. really
  5. FKN cool. 😀

Top 5 foods

  1. Peeeeeekza
  2. Burritos from Miguel’s Jr.
  3. Red curry from this bomb thai restaurant by my house
  4. Ice cream
  5. Tapatio

Top 5 songs

  1. Two Door Cinema Club “I Can Talk”
  2. The Walkmen “The Rat”
  3. Foster the People “Houdini (RAC Mix)”
  4. Sufjan Stevens “Year of the Dog”
  5. Coconut Records “West Coast”

Top 5 reasons to hang out with Chris Roberts

  1. Chill hard
  2. Tea at Starbucks
  3. Smoke a cigarette on the Marina
  4. Play Wii Bowling
  5. Eat Pinkberry and listen to super ghey music only us are hyped on!

Top 5 reasons to visit Girl

  1. To say hello to everyone
  2. To bug the shit out of Meza
  3. To get free stuff
  4. Skate the park with Rick, Mike and Hershel
  5. To see what’s new in the Art dump
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