Jan 3, 2012 1:47pm
Top 5 with Raven Tershy

The world famous Raven Tershy gets a World Famous Top 5s.


Top 5 things about Santa Cruz

  1. Friends & family
  2. Home
  3. Backyard miniramp
  4. The beach
  5. Derby Park

Top 5 things about riding for Creature

  1. Hangin’ with Creature Lee
  2. Seeing the homies Miezio & Troy killing at work whenever I would grab boards
  3. Having Peter Hewitt & Sammy Baca on Creature trips strictly for good times
  4. Skating the alleyways of O.B with Sam Hitz & Neil Heddings
  5. Awesomely evil graphics

Top 5 things about riding for Chocolate

  1. Seeing my name on that team list is pretty damn cool
  2. When we go on trips we roll deep cuz it’s GIRL & CHOCOLATE
  3. My bosses are Rick Howard, Mike Carroll & Sam Smyth
  4. Being a part of one of the most O.G skate companies ever
  5. The boards just feel right under my feet

Top 5 things about being cousins with the owner of Diamond

  1. Hooking up all my friends with mad fresh gear YO!
  2. Stashing product in my closet that I will later sell on eBay for millions of dollars once I’m broke
  3. Fancy button up shirts
  4. Getting introduced to Mike Carroll. LAKAI OR DIE!
  5. Family inheritance?

Top 5 things about being cousins with the owner of ACE

  1. Had a good reason to quit INDY
  2. Learning about the skate industry
  3. People all over the world know Joey and hook me up with random things because I’m his cousin
  4. Riding the trucks
  5. Joey makes the best food

Top 5 skate photos on your wall as a kid

  1. John Cardiel INDY poster, backsmith over the channel on these sketchy quarter pipes in some parking lot
  2. Andrew Reynolds, frontside flip sequence over the rail down those stairs in San Diego. The still shot was on the cover of Transworld I think
  3. Keenan Milton switch front nose on that blue rail, it was a Fourstar poster. Rest In Peace
  4. Stefan Janowski, tre flip over this spine in a ditch that says it’s in Miami
  5. Sam Hitz frontside slider over the love seat at Washington Street

Top 5 Derby rippers of all time

  1. Casey Hellseth
  2. Scott Williams AKA Swillivision
  3. Nathan Horton
  4. Mikey Curtis
  5. Emmanuel Guzman

Top 5 things about up North

  1. Bay area rap
  2. Late night skate missions around SF
  3. Joey’s house on 24th & York
  4. Potrero Hill
  5. Kush

Top 5 things about down South

  1. Living with Vincent
  2. More stuff to skate
  3. You don’t get stuck doing the same thing everyday
  4. It never rains and if it does there’re places to skate indoors
  5. $1 taco stands

Top 5 movies filmed in Santa Cruz

  1. Lost Boys
  2. That’s about it all we got

Top 5 P-Stone moments

  1. He drove our van for Skate Rock Australia and drank about one beer an hour while on the road. Australia is really strict about DUI’s and when questioned about his beer consumption, he answered casually “I’m a big guy so I can drink a little bit more than the average person without going over the legal limit.”
  2. One day we were skating the miniramp in my backyard and my Mom comes out and asks Preston if he would like a Martini, Preston says “Wow I’ve never been offered a Martini during a miniramp session before! Can’t say no to that!”
  3. Skate Rock trip to Australia, Preston wore the same clothes for 2 weeks. Then on the last day he breaks out fresh pants & a shirt, I said “Damn Preston looking fresh!” He replied “Thanks, it’s my fly home kit.”
  4. Our friend Rune from Copenhagen asked Peabody to ask Preston if he could burn him a CD with all the songs from his video “BEERS BOWLS & BARNEYS” on it. Preston burned the CD and gave to Peabody to give to Rune. Rune was so stoked that Preston got him the CD that when Preston went out to Copenhagen for the contest, Rune had made a bike with a keg of beer built into the trailer. He painted “Preston’s Place” on the trailer and hired a couple Danish kids to ride the bike around & follow Preston wherever he went. Needless to say it was a very drunk week.
  5. Any trip with Preston your gonna get way to many top 5 moments to remember

Top 5 skaters of all time

  1. John Cardiel
  2. Guy Mariano
  3. Christian Hosoi
  4. Peter Hewitt
  5. Marc Johnson

Top 5 reasons Grant Taylor got the SOTY

  1. He’s the best
  2. He don’t give a FUCK
  3. Backside airs
  4. Frontside ollies
  5. ATL

Top 5 foods

  1. Hummus & Pita Bread
  2. Mom’s breakfast burritos
  3. Saltado de pollo
  4. Dolmas
  5. Pastrami on rye from Tommy’s Joint

Top 5 things about Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

  1. Skating around during the summer and pissing off security guards and hot girls
  2. The curvy rail out front that Tim Brauch grinded
  3. Free Eddie Money concerts that just keep getting worse & worse every year
  4. Laser Tag
  5. Fireworks on 4th of July

Top 5 things about filming for the Girl and Chocolate videos

  1. Filming with Ty Evans
  2. Doing skits with Spike Jonze
  3. Working hard for something
  4. Skating more street
  5. Filming for a GIRL & CHOCOLATE video

Top 5 things about traveling with Biebel

  1. Never a dull moment
  2. He shows me all the newest hottest rap music
  3. Smoking “choppers” & drinking red wine
  4. When you’re trying a trick he’s always there to hype you up
  5. He says the funniest thing you have ever heard in your life, my face usually hurts from laughing when I kick it with Beebs
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