Nov 27
Crail is the New Black


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Nov 26
The Ringer #2382

Entry #2382

The Song:
Little Sister, Dwight Yoakam
The Place:
the universe
The Word:

I apologized to Mikey for being grouchy this week. I’m also not going to write anything unkind about him as to make him feel my apology was insincere.

The Tinder Bender is in full effect. Searcy and Slaussage are so deep into the Phoenix scene right now, Lord help them.

Spike, if you need to better understand this. Basically, when we’re on the phone and someone knocks on your door and it’s your brother but you act like it’s Big Foot or some sort of male rapist, you seem really unstable. You are unstable. But that’s your story to tell.


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We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It with Atiba

Atiba Jefferson reads your comments from the following YouTube videos: Atiba’s Chomp on This Part; Atiba vs. P-Rod Game of SKATE; and his Crail Couch.

Nov 25
The Ringer #2381

Entry #2381

The Song:
Blackbird, The Beatles
The Place:
I don't know
The Word:


You don’t hear me talk about Tough Guy that much because he asked to work out of an offsite location. He’s touch and a little grouchy.

I needed something from Crailtap East and Rickk was going to ask Mikey to grab it because he was there but then Rickk said, “this request will totally blow his mind, I’ll just do it myself”. Sounds like you two need to iron out your beef.

Searcy and Slaussage are car-pooling to Arizona tomorrow so if your Tinder app crashes in the Phoenix area, just know these guys are going full radar adaptor.

Girl/Alife presents Budweiser

Featuring Tony Ferguson. Product coming soon.

Nov 24
The Ringer #2380

Entry #2380

The Song:
The Passenger, Iggy Pop
The Place:
The Word:

I tried to get McCrank busted for smuggling tanning cream into Canada but it didn’t work. Next time, Ricky. See you soon!

Good to know that the creep factor can stay alive into your 60’s, Slaussage.

Chris Martin wants to write a song about you, Mikey.

Clip of the Day with Brandon Biebel

Not gonna lie, the filming’s got some stank on it, but this line of Biebel thru his park is rad. And it’s the kind of line that he normally does but this time Rick Howard decided to grab the nearest GoPro and get it.

Nov 21
New Girl Tees…

…now available in the Crail Store.


Nov 20
On the Crail Couch with Leo Romero

Leo Romero sits on the Couch to discuss high fives, underage drinking, Mike Carroll and meeting Brandon Biebel for the first time.

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