Apr 23
This Weekend…


Please join us this weekend…
Friday, 24th
7pm-11pm: Art Dump Exhibition, opening reception
Saturday, 25th
1pm-4pm: Art Dump Workshop
7pm-9pm: Girl Films Video Panel
Sunday, 26th
2pm-6pm: Classic Girl Films Screening
8pm: Wet Dreams Screening
Visit oakley.com/in-residence for more details
Apr 22
The Ringer #2419

Entry #2419

The Song:
All of Me, John Legend
The Place:
I hate his music
The Word:
I hate his music

Mikey asked me to not cc him on things starting on Tuesday. He is going to try to skate. I’m just a journalist reporting the facts.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s not a 3PL.

And he has bad hair.


Apr 21
The Ringer #23418

Entry #2418

The Song:
Bang Bang, Dalida
The Place:
your butt
The Word:
your butt

Find your sore mate. #gross

It’s not my story to tell but there is a lot of tension between Mark and Craig. I think they should talk. Up to them but all I am saying is that if Mark and Tough Guy fight, Craig might kick Mark in the ribs when he’s down.

We tried to keep the staff happy with beer and cookies but “Straight Edge” doubled up on the Double Stuff.


GuyMar Out Now
GuyMar out now
Back to the Feature with Mike Carroll

Our dear friends at Monster Children have Carroll usher in their new Back to the Feature

Back to The Feature: Episode One – Mike Carroll from Monster Children on Vimeo.

Apr 17
Camión Monstruo

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Chocolate Skateboards Monster Trucks series in stores now.


Apr 16
The Ringer #2417

Entry #2417

The Song:
Help Me, Nick Carter
The Place:
The Word:

Slauusage just said “Penis Monitor”. I mean, it’s after 5PM or he’d be written up.

Maybe make sure you have a real friend in the event you need a shoulder to cry on.


Apr 14
Animal Chan Podcast with Carroll

Animal Chan kicks off his first podcast with Mikey. Topics covered? Mike’s 13′ wide mini. Why he wasn’t allowed to ride Tommy Guerrero boards. Leaving DC. And more…

Ishod Push

Yo Ishod, fuck those dudes on the basketball court!


Apr 13
The Ringer #2416

Entry #2416

The Song:
Our Lips Are Sealed, The Gogo's
The Place:
The Word:

Hmmm…..Flame Broiler Torrance….Can’t tell if this is Seacy or Mark but just glad I caught it.

It’s not my story to tell but Slaussage thinks Craig has sensitivity issues. I hope they work it out. I mean, I hope they fight first and then work it out.

I thought Spike got murdered and I was worried because I threatened to kill him last week via text, I didn’t want to be a suspect. But it turns out he’s totally alive and was just busy going to Broadway plays. (Street cred on fleek).

Never to be outdone by a bowel movement trend, Rickk coming in hot.k4dyo

Ripped OG

Girl’s Ripped OG Series for the Original Gangster in all of us.


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