Jul 31
Lakai’s Stupor Tour

From June 28 to July 8, 2014 we had a Stupor time in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City and here’s the proof. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us. Featuring Marc Johnson, Rick McCrank, Stevie Perez, Rick Howard, Jon Sciano and Lakai Canada riders Ty Peterson, Will Marshall and Pat O’Rourke.

20 Years of Chocolate tomorrow night!

Be there or be red-square.


Jul 29
Girl’s Spike It Series

No relation, as far as I know.


Chocolate City Series
Chocolate City Series
Jul 28
Girlskateboards.com Redesign

Girl Skateboards has been updated with a new look. Easier to shop, new team photos, shop locators and more…


Clip of the Day. Mo with the Skatelab Campers

Mikemo and friends dropped in on the Skatelab Campers last week. Trip on how many times Mo’s grinded that ledge or went over that hip in his life.

Jul 25
20 Years of Chocolate Art Show

It’s gonna be killer!


Jul 23
Wait For It…

Let us translate this for you, Federico’s REDirect video will be on The Berrics some day soon (Italian time). And it’s well worth the wait. Until, then try to keep up with this.


Jul 18
The Ringer #2344

Entry #2344

The Song:
Cowboys From Hell, Pantera
The Place:
The Word:

Another reason why it might be smart to put the company he works for in the subject line is so when you go missing and the FBI combs your computer for clues, it just makes it so much easier.

Mikey had a “HARD OUT” today at 3PM. Pilates or cake tasting, it’s one of the two.

Facebook humor gone fully viral.

We need a sales rep for the Kepler territory, hit up Callaway or Chimile.


Jul 17
Girl & Chocolate’s Euro Blitz, 2000

A throwback to Girl & Chocolate’s tour of Europe in the summer of 2000. Featuring Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Rick Howard, Scott Johnston, Stevie Williams, Mike York and Tony Ferguson. The good ol’ days. VX quickly and meticulously cut to techno beats. Definitely a Ty Evans joint. Wonderful times and a nice stroll down with what was.

Jul 15
Malto on Board

Sean getting back into the swing of things.


Show Now Fourstar Shop Open
@lakailtd's Stupor Tour of Canada is now up at lakai.com. Featuring @marcjohnson @mccranker @jonsciano @steviieperez #rickhoward as well as Canadian riders/rippers Ty Peterson, Will Marshell & Pat O'Rourke
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