Oct 26

Entry #

The Song:
Nothing Else Matters, Metallica
The Place:
The Word:
You, all you

In a grocery store? Really? I kind of think you’re full of shit but maybe I’m just a sheltered asshole.
I miss the 6 hour meetings with the giant post it notes all over the room. Those were rad. Like so inspiring and great for everyones spirit.
Yesterday Mikey showed up 7 minutes late to a meeting and then got frustrated that I was wearing Vans, that Rickk was texting someone and that he lost his regular spot at pilates.
It doesn’t get much more “vice” then that president
Even on Molly, the dude stands by his non-loving ways.
Brandon Biebel Push EP. 1

Biebel’s life revolves around positivity and progression, and his intense drive is contagious. His hype extends outward, creating a radius of excitement. Anybody in Biebel’s general vicinity is subject to his gravitational pull; your stoke only makes him stronger.

Oct 25
WEAKDAYS: Dugout Ledges

“BABE, You fuckin’ killed it.”

Malto: Reflections

Malto stops by the warehouse and talks all things about riding for Girl.

Ian Reid A Days Work Show

Join us this Thursday for the opening of “A Days Work” which showcases the newest collaboration between Girl and Ian Reid.


Oct 24
Dru Collage For Chocolate

Chocolate Skateboards is proud to release our newest series of Skateboards by Los Angeles collage artist and friend of the Art Dump, Drew Milling aka Dru Collage. Drew’s approach towards collage harnesses his creativity, determination and patience resulting in unique style much like skaters do with their skating. A fitting collaboration…

Dru Collage for Chocolate is now available at your local skate shop and online at crailstore.com

Oct 20
Simon & Manchild in NYC

Lakai’s newest am’s Simon Bannerot and Tyler ‘Manchild’ Pacheco recently hit NYC with some of the Girl and Chocolate squad.

Enjoy a quick look at some of the goods they came home with.


Entry #

The Song:
One Man Show, Pony Boy
The Place:
The Word:

Eldy said the cement part of the something in the skatepark doesn’t even need wax. That’s as “skate” as conversation gets in this blog. And truly that was just for you, Mez.

“What’s a racing heart”. -Rickk


Oct 19
Bru Ray Northwest

Cory and Crew killing it up in the Northwest.


Oct 15

Entry #

The Song:
If Everyone Cared, Nickelback
The Place:
Cliver's iPod
The Word:
Cliver's favorite song

Leigh, this is basically his mug shot when you go missing.
First we hire Cliver to do graphics, then Cliver hires Cliver to do graphics. Then we do a Kurt Cobain board, then Cliver does a Kurt Cobain board. Chill out, Wisconsin.
Not a bad trip, a round trip. unnamed
Chocolate Skateboards BRAAAAP Series Show Now
🆕Girl and Chocolate Weak Days clip now Live at Crailtap.com. Link in bio! #GirlSkateboards #ChocolateSkateboards #CrailtapWeakDays
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