May 22
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The Ringer #2429

Entry #2429

The Song:
Hang Loose, Alabama Shakes
The Place:
you can pick
The Word:
you can pick that, too

The Mez had really good hair yesterday and he explained to me that Scooch had given him some product for the days when he doesn’t wash his hair. We’re big into grooming over here.

Eldy still has full blown butt burning diarrhea or he’s filming a video part. Both of those things get in the way of he and I regularly texting. 

Mikey explained yesterday that now that he and his wife are eating at the dinner table, their dog is confused about when is “play time”. I’m confused about when “play time” is. 

The Slaussage piece is just an assumption but the Shin piece is full blown real journalism shit.


GuyMar Out Now
GuyMar out now
New Chocolate One-Offs

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May 21
Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Mike Carroll

Mike’s Top 5 tricks he’d like to see referred to by their original names:
1. Feeble grind—grapefruit grind
2. No comply—43
3. Fakie frontside flip—frontside halfcab flip. You’d never call a halfcab flip a fakie backside flip because when you do you disrespect Steve Caballero
4. Hardflip—frontside varial flip. Shit ain’t hard anymore
5. Howard flip—Markivoch flip, because Rickk refuses to do them in public

May 20
The Ringer #2428

Entry #2428

The Song:
Goddamn Morning, Miss Lonely Hearts
The Place:
The Word:
the sun

I might be hiring an intern for this column. He’s from North Dakota and has a creepy mustache.

Yesterday Mikey called me “TOTES JELLY MONSTER” for not understanding The Kardashians. I knew he would out be more sophisticated than me at some point I just didn’t know it would be so soon.

I only know this is Searcy because he always wears a leather jacket and oxfords. It’s so cute.

Diarrhea is trending.


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May 19
The Ringer #2427

Entry #2427

The Song:
Hooked, Miss Lonely Hearts
The Place:
where ever
The Word:
I need to change this part of the column

Bye Felicia.

Weirdos with standards.


May 18
New Girl One-Offs

The new Girl One-Offs are now in the Crailstore and skate shops worldwide.


2:22pm by Sanger

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