Sep 26
Matt Militano’s Deep Fried Part

Check out Matt’s part from ”Deep Fried American” now playing over at the Thrasher site.

How bout that 50-50 back 360 out?

Cody Chapman Hall Of Meat

Cody takes a 10 foot belly flop out in Basque Country.

More of Raven and Cody’s European takeover coming soon.

Sep 22
Braaap! Series

Now available in the Crailstore.

Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Sep 21
Rudy & Diego Johnson For Royal Trucks

Like Father Like Son.

New Royal Site – Now Live!

Sep 19
Crailtap’s Clip Of The Day: Rosecrans Ditch

“I’m a Ditch Boy” ….. “I love ditch.”

Sep 13
The Yeah Right! Log Tape: Nov, 2000

Found on a dusty old drive and simply titled The Yeah Right! Log Tape, 11/6/00 this old file contains what looks like the beginning stages for filming for 2003’s Yeah Right! Featuring mostly never before seen footage of Mike York, Stevie Williams, Rick Howard, Keenan Milton, Jeron Wilson, Chris Roberts, Richard Mulder, Daniel Castillo, Ricardo Carvalho, Tony Ferguson, Robbie McKinley, Alfonso Fernandez, Jesus Fernandez, Daniel Lebron, Guy Mariano, Paulo Diaz and Rudy Johnson.

Chico & Chocolatito

Chico Brenes brings the undefeated champ, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzales by the warehouse for a quick tour and a custom tee. Nica Pride!

Chocolate’s Dreamer Series

Now available in the Crail Store.


Sep 9
Crailtap’s Clip of The Day: Courthouse

Fire up the group text and next thing ya know you got Eldy, Carroll, Jerry and the whole gang out at the Courthouse Ledges.

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@johnny_joness from our COTD at Rosecrans ditch. (Link in the bio) 📷: @bencolen #ChocolateSkateboards #LakaiFootwear
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