Oct 30
Cory Goes BellingHAM!

While a lot of the pro-skate world galloped across the globe on shoe-video deadlines, Cory took some time at home in Bellingham, Washington to film a fun little VX part with his Rat Poison cohort, Shane Aukland.

Epicly Later’d Chocolate, ep. 2

Ain’t gonna lie…it’s a heavy one.

Vincent Alvarez Route One Interview

The Route One dudes get Vincent to sit down for a minute and answer some questions.

Chocolate City Series
Chocolate City Series
Oct 28
The Ringer #2371

Entry #2371

The Song:
Loner Phase, Cold War Kids
The Place:
The Word:
22 years strong

Rickk left for an event today with camo pants, black speckled shoes and Eldy, who was wearing a wig. Felt very edgy and urban but would be cooler if they were going to rob a bank. Fingers crossed on the bank robbery.

Mikey is off again today. #honeymoontoinfinity

Housel is the only one that answered this correctly. #DUH

Rickk Interview

Deaf Lens recently posted an interview with Rickk concerning all things Girl.


Oct 27
The Ringer #2370

Entry #2370

The Song:
Check Me Out, Little Denise
The Place:
The Word:

Slaussage when on a rant today about Rick Fox wearing too many accessories. He also told me some half story about getting his family history in the mail. I need to ignore him more.

Spike’s gum surgery, Rickk’s chewing of licorice in a meeting and just Mikey “working remotely” makes it a three way tie for the Annoying Award.

How do you say “murder” in Spanish?

Today’s THE LIST gives you insight into just how “beachy” we really are.

Flo Alone

Fourstar Euro rider Flo Mirtain’s “Home Alone” part, filmed entirely in Lyon, now up on Thrasher.

Oct 24
The Ringer #2369

Entry #2369

The Song:
People, Aretha Franklin
The Place:
The universe
The Word:

Mikey contributed to a meeting today by mumbling that he agreed with what someone else said. Whatever.

Spike had tissue grafted from the roof of his mouth on to this receding gums. I guess it’s the new “handlebar mustache”.

Slaussage, this isn’t Tinder, it’s THE LIST, you don’t have to pretend you’re so sophisticated. Dumb ass.

Oct 23
Chocolate Epicly Later’d, episode 1

20 Years of Chocolate, O’Dell-style.

Oct 22
The Ringer #2368

Entry #2368

The Song:
Oh Me, Meat Puppets
The Place:
The Word:

Mikey is stepping his game way up and putting in half days three days a week. He’s also checking on A/P and talking about “shelving” projects. VP was never so V.

A little too close to home on this one, buddy. Not into murderers.

Happy Birthday, Dude.

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Cory Goes BellingHAM now live @thrashermag. Filmed entirely in Bellingham, Washington by @sk8rat
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