Apr 29
Chocolate in KOTR Ep 1

Thrasher’s King of the Road Episode 1 is now playing online. Sneak preview style. See how Elijah, Raven, Stevie, Eldy & Johnny did on day 1 of KOTR. Should be a helluva season.

Apr 26
Sebo Walker Hot Spot

Sebo whips thru ’em as fast as you can say ’em!

Meet the Chocolates

We know you already know the who’s who over here, but Vice just posted a Meet the Chocolate page in anticipation for this year’s King of the Road.



Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Apr 22

Before the season kicks in and we see the Chocolate dudes go for broke, Viceland is airing a 10 Years of KOTR retrospective on their dotcom.


Ambleside Skatepark Grand Opening

It was a project dear to our friend Peter Sullivan and it’s so nice to have contributed to the project and to see it come to fruition. Grand opening this Sunday. To learn more about the project click the link below.


Mini Top 5 (trad.) with Justin Eldridge

Top 5 things Justin Eldridge is better* at Rickk than:
1. Skating, obviously
2. Social Media
3. Basketball
4. Drinking. He always blames me for how bad he feels the next day
5. Calling your friends back

*according to Justin

Apr 21
Chocolate’s Earth Day Exclusive

Evan Hecox Park Service series is $350, with Free Shipping in the US and a gift with purchase, now in the Crail Store. Sale runs from now thru 4/24.



Apr 20
On the Crail Couch with Alex Olson

With his first time back in the building, Alex Olson jumps right back on the Couch without missing a beat. Topics discussed? His relationship with Carroll. Being his own boss. Pick up moves from pops. And more…

Apr 19
Jerry Hsu Thrasher Interview

The Jer and the bible. Read the full thing here and get enlightened.


Apr 18
Sebo Walker Bangin

Lakai rider, Sebo goes tech and topless for his Bangin’.

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