Jun 20
Mike Carroll Pro Picks

Carroll came by to trip out on some new gear and eat some candy in this Pro Picks.

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Jun 19
Elijah Berle At Home

MC spent the day with Elijah Surfing, Skating and everything in between.

Nine Club At The Flare

On location at the Egyptian Theatre.

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Jun 16
World’s Best Flare

The Hawk’s, Manchild, The New Lizard King and Many More

Jun 13
Clip Of The Day

Simon, Yonnie and Capps went non stop for a few hours the other day.

Minus a 5 min spliff break.

Jun 12
Mo VS. Crob

The Legion will always fight a battle.

The Nine Club With Mike Carroll

Carroll discusses growing up in San Francisco, riding for H-Street, skating Embarcadero, what the EMB crew used instead of wax, starting Girl Skateboards with Rick Spike and Megan, how the name for Lakai came about, the proper names for tricks, the new Lakai video ‘The Flare’ and much more…

Jun 9
Chris Roberts Pro Picks

Chris came by the office for his daily re-up of gear in this episode of Pro Picks.

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Jun 7
Lakai Premiere

Lakai Presents THE FLARE.

Premiering June 13th at the Egyptian Theatre.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 10.29.51 AM

Jun 6

The crew hit Garvanza before celebrating the Mainline x Girl Board release.

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