Jul 29
Girl’s 20/20 Series now in the Crailstore

Girl’s 20/20 board series, a homage to Vision Skateboards Art Director Andy Takajian, is now available in the Crail Store.


Jul 28
Malto Reissue at The Berrics

Sean Malto’s first pro model reissue is now available exclusively at The Berrics. Signed too! To celebrate the event they’ve posted his Pretty Sweet part as well. Give that thing another gander!


Jul 25
Malto and Brophy in New Zealand

Brophy gets the dudes down to New Zealand for a little camping/skating excursion.

Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Royal Trucks CORY KENNEDY Pro Truck Now Available
Jul 22
Introducing the Flaco

The Stevie Perez Pro Model by Lakai Limited Footwear. Good shit Flacs!

Jul 21
Don’t Cry Argee pt. 2

Add CK1 to the mix? Now you’re at 11!

Don’t Cry Argee pt. 1

Raven and the boys take Argentina.

Jul 18
Riley Hawk Shep Dawgs Part

Riley is stacking footage at such a rate that I think he can drop a part at any given time. Good shit, Riley!

Jul 15
KOTR Webisode 11

Best Rock Ride? We got that! MVP? Check! Most points by a Mystery Guest? Our guy! So close but so far away. Good job Chocolate boys! We’re proud parents (even if one of the parents had to funnel a beer into one of your butts).

New Girl One-Offs

The new Girl Skateboard One-Offs are now available in the CrailStore.


Jul 14
KOTR Finale

Let’s see who won this bitch, already.

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Mr @ishodwair ends a line with a lens kiss a couple of years back on the 4Live Crew Tour @fourstarclothing Shot by @the_breadcrumb_trail
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