Sep 19
Mo Buzz

Mikemo and that fucking golf cart on the Weekend Buzz.

The Ringer #2356

Entry #2356

The Song:
Get Low, Lil Jon
The Place:
don't care
The Word:
don't know

I think you made the right choice to work this out. Great forum.

Sorry that I haven’t been updating lately. I’m basically juggling communication between a guy in a tour van, a freak on a honeymoon and another wierdo tripping out in the woods in the Northwest. Rickk, Mike and Spike, coming in hot.

Slaussage went away for the day so two things are missing; 1. Someone saying your name every time you walk down the hall and 2. Someone knocking on your door and asking you if you want good news or bad news but with only bad news. Come back, soon.

Ruh Roh

Sep 18
Chocolate City

Here’s your chance to own them all. Go to the Crailstore for details.

2014 Chocolate City Series Bundle

Fourstar Fall 14 Sale
Fourstar Fall 14 Sale
Sep 16
20-Year Timeline

Trip this. Take a trip down memory lane with the 20 Years of Chocolate Timeline.


Sep 15

Get first dibs on this Fourstar sale! All Skateboard clothing and accessories are on sale for a limited time.


Sep 12
Wair To Spare Winner!

You guys really went all out on this one. So many entries so hard to pick a winner. Wish we could have posted them all. But when the pixels settled we settled on this one by Travis Knapp-Prasek. He might have won a contest before and he might even work for Satori, but fuck it. It made us laugh the hardest and that’s what usually takes the cake around here. So enjoy his edit below, hopefully as much as we did. Big ups to being silly! (It also kept getting flagged by the majors, so it’s on a strange player we couldn’t embed. But click thru the ads, it’s worth it.) This last minute entry was great too.



Chocolate in New York

Artshows, slappies and demos. If you can’t get down with at least one of those (if not all three) then you’re bumming. In honor of Chocolate’s first 20 years in the biz Marc Johnson, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Jerry Hsu and Raven Tershy, plus special guest Sean Malto will all be traveling to New York to attend these events, skate, rage, make some friends, make some enemies and eat pizza. Please join us.


Sep 11
Wair To Spare, final days

As we near the end of our Wair to Spare contest we thought we’d post two solid videos that are in the running to be our winner. Dylan Richardson’s robot freakout…

…and Alex Begue’s grimy edit. Says “bitch” a lot too! Good job guys. Get your entries in by 8am PST tomorrow because we’re calling this sucker.

Chocolate & DQM

DQM and Chocolate Skateboards will release a special collaboration collection to commemorate Chocolate’s 20th Anniversary, and DQM’s 10th Anniversary. The collection features new, original artwork by  Evan Hecox, depicting one of the most iconic skate spots in New York City, Astor Place. Famous for its curb and its cube, Astor is the original down-town meeting place for skaters from allover the city, beginning in the early 90s when skateboarding was just coming into its own in New York. The Chocolate x DQM collaboration includes a board, along with t-shirts and sweatshirts, and will be available on Friday, 26th September, at DQM and online. More things Chocolate and all things New York coming real soon.


The Ringer #2355

Entry #2355

The Song:
Drunk In Love, Beyonce
The Place:
LA, near Melrose
The Word:

It’s not my story to tell, but someone in this building has a Tinder problem. At least that is what Slaussage told me.

Craig no showed today. Florida behavior.

Weird. You had to go to DMV three times in one week AND you’re a murderer. Those hardly ever line up.

We’re having a “Sexual Harassment Sensitivity” seminar. Basically, The Mez needs to see Rickk’s balls sooner rather then later.

Chocolate Art Show NYC Show Now Fourstar Fall 14 Sale
If you missed tonight's #20yearsofchocolate art show, don't worry, @lurker_lou has got you covered.
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