Feb 12
Stevie Perez “Challers”

Stevie delivers in his brand new part “Challers” now live on Thrashermagazine.com. Dig in for authentic Los Angeles street skateboarding. Streets street pretty sweet. Watch Stevie Perez “Challers” here.

Box of Chocolate is Back!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner our beloved Box of Chocolate is back! Today thru the 14th of February score 2 decks and 2 tees plus a special gift for just $100! Free Shipping! Stock up for the warmer days ahead or split it with your lover or friend! Click here to buy!

Box of Chocolate


Feb 11
Speakin’ Streakin’


New Original Chunks are in stock and ready to pop!

These beauties from Chocolate make pretty hangers and sweet street bangers.

Pick a winning streak in the Crailstore today!


Girl Skateboards presents 'Doll'
Girl Skateboards presents 'Doll'
Feb 6
Simon Bannerot Scrambled AM! ROUGH CUT

If you missed Girl’s Simon Bannerot in Thrasher’s Am Scramble edit now is your chance to watch the roughest of the rough! Simon’s Am Scramble ROUGH CUT is now live and does not disappoint!

Feb 5
A ’93 Type of Chill


Girl’s newest 93 Til series is chillin‘ with OG vibes

And colors that pop as hard as that new wood!

Set up a banger in the Crailstore today.


Jan 29
Lakai in Puerto Rico

The Flare hits the streets and the beaches in PR

Jan 16
Cruisin’ and Bruisin’


Royal’s got a slammer—the Bruiser collection is in!

Add some shine to your kit with a trucktee, or hoodie.

Choose your bruise in the Crailstore today!


Jan 10
“Bangers & Mash” | Girl Skateboards X Kodak in London

To celebrate the release of the new Girl X Kodak Collection, the boys took a trip over the pond to skate some classic London terrain.
The Girl X Kodak Collection is Now Available at your local skateshop and Crailstore.com

Jan 8
One’s Off The Top


Chocolate’s latest one-off drop is here!

Eldy came thru with a clean edit too!

These one’s and more in the Crailstore!


Jan 4
One, Two, Three Off


Three new one-off capsules are the latest in from Girl.

Jeron’s on a dashiki tip, Brophy’s cruising, and Malto’s puffin’ Cubano.

Fresh deckstees, and more in the Crailstore!


Box of Chocolate $100 2 Skateboards 2 Tees Show Now Chocolate Skateboards Chunk the World
New colors and shapes of our 93 ‘til series now available at a skate shop near you & online at Crailstore.com Link in bio #93tilseries #GirlSkateboards @brandonbiebel G008 - 8 x 31.875 & G026 - 8.125 x 31.625 @andrewbrophy G050 - 8.25 x 32 & G008 - 8 x 31.875 @mikemo G023 - 8.125 x 31.625 & G003 - 7.3 x 29.5 @furrycalamari G016 - 8.375 x 31.75 #RickHoward G053 - 8.5 x 31.875 @corykennedy G027 - 8.25x 31.625 & Phawt G041 - 9.125 x 32.625 @seanmalto G052 - 8.25 x 31.875 & G009 - 7.75 x 31.125 @mccranker G030 - 8.375 x 31.5 & G033 - 8.5 x 32 @jeronwilson G021 - 7.875 x 31.25
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